The crisis of contaminated water in Flint, Mich., is making a public health message like this one harder to get across: In most communities, the tap water is perfectly safe. And it is much healthier than sugary drinks.

That's a message that Dr. Patty Braun, a pediatrician and oral health specialist at Denver Health, spends a lot of time talking to her patients about.

Chipotle Mexican Grill certainly is not the first company to face lawsuits and subpoenas because its food made people sick. Other companies, in fact, have faced far worse: Companies like Blue Bell, Dole and Earthbound Farms have been linked to disease outbreaks that actually killed people.

But it's difficult to think of another case in which a company's food-safety troubles provoked such schadenfreude in the food industry. The company, it seems, made a lot of enemies while marketing its "food with integrity."

The U.S. and Cuba will sign a civil aviation agreement in Havana on Tuesday, re-establishing air service between the two countries for the first time in more than 50 years, the U.S. Department of Transportation said.

The signing formalizes the arrangement that was reached Dec. 16, stating that a certain number of flights would be allowed to fly from the U.S. to Cuba every day. As the Two-Way previously reported:

Abraham Lincoln trended on Twitter this week. Wait, what? Honest Abe proved what's become a hipster creed: Everything old becomes new again.

Friday would have been the 16th president's 207th birthday — as good a time as any to bring him back with a party hat on him (like the House Republicans did):

There were also memes of Lincoln holding pizzas, stereos and cellphones. But the memes also quickly became about the presidential candidates, with the hashtag #ThingsLincolnDidntSay. Talk about putting words in someone's mouth.

President Obama has designated three desert areas in California as national monuments.

The move permanently protects "nearly 1.8 million acres of America's public lands," the White House says in a news release.

All three areas lie east of Los Angeles. Two of the new monuments — Castle Mountains and Mojave Trails — are near California's border with Nevada.

The All Star Blues Bash is Friday, September 12th at the State Theater at 7:30.  Joe Louis Walker is headlining along with Bobby Rush, with appearances from Ronnie Baker Brooks and Shawn Holt, the son of Magic Slim.  WGVU spoke with Joe Louis Walker by phone for this feature interview.

Marvel Comics movie Deadpool is opening in theaters today, along with the romantic comedy How To Be Single, Zoolander 2, the Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson sequel, and the latest documentary from Michael Moore.  WGVU breaks it all down with Ron VanTimmeran from Celebration Cinema.

The state’s utility-regulating agency says Michigan electric companies have probably hit a 10 percent renewable energy target.


The study by the state Public Service Commission shows Michigan utilities generated more than 9 percent of the state’s power using renewable resources in 2014, and probably exceeded 10 percent last year, says PSC spokeswoman Judy Palnau.

“The state not only met the 10 percent but will exceed if the projections hold out.”

Governor Rick Snyder is among the witnesses expected to testify next month before a congressional committee looking into the Flint water crisis.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is planning to hold a second hearing on Capitol Hill regarding the Flint water crisis.

Snyder Press Secretary Dave Murray says the governor asked for the chance to testify.

“The people of Flint have suffered because they’ve been failed by all levels of      government. It’s understandable there are questions of all levels of government.”

 Grand Valley State University moved one step closer to expanding its health campus into Grand Rapids Belknap neighborhood.

In recent years Grand Valley State University has purchased 18 acres of property in the Belknap neighborhood. Properties located across the highway from its Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences on the north side of I-196.

The developed Belknap properties into a residential area will expand GVSU’s health campus into roughly four neighborhood blocks.