State Senator Colbeck prepares to launch his campaign

A state Senator is entering the Republican race for governor. Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) hopes to succeed term-limited Governor Rick Snyder. He will formally announce his campaign Saturday at noon, at the Yankee Air Museum near Ypsilanti. Colbeck was a design engineer for Boeing before he became a senator in in 2011. “I came in with a fresh perspective, a business perspective,” he said. “And with the simple perspective says, ‘What I say I’m gonna do on the campaign trail is exactly what I’m...

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The Salvation Army Kroc Center, in partnership with the Garfield Park Neighborhood Association, is once again participating in National Night Out. 

This free event will focus on neighborhood safety will feature other family fun activities at the Kroc Center.

“I think that National Night Out has taken on a life of its own.  Just in terms of making a statement about community and the fact that we really want to build a relationship with people in our neighborhoods.”

A state agency has asked courts in three counties to dismiss 186 bench warrants against people accused of unemployment The state could next ask for the charges to be dismissed altogether.

Community leaders gathered Thursday in Grand Rapids to educate members of the tourism and hospitality industries on recognizing potential victims of human trafficking. Hosted by Women at Risk international, the human trafficking conference hoped to shed light on human trafficking in West Michigan. 

Danny Goldberg (Part II)

23 hours ago

Danny Goldberg returns to Common Threads continue our conversation on his most recent book, In Search of The Lost Chord – 1967 and The Hippie Idea

Danny Goldberg, President of GoldVE, has worked in the music business as a personal manager, record company President, public relations man and journalist since the late nineteen sixties.

We discuss the American Youth Basketball Tournament at Michigan Sports Academy. Todd Schenk, AD, is here to share the details.

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President Trump's son and former campaign chairman are both expected to meet with the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, but in a move that's irritated some Democrats, they will reportedly not be put under oath to answer the panel's questions.

The modern Planet of the Apes reboot begins with a research chimpanzee being raised in an American home. It's a pretty plausible premise — that exact scenario has played out in the real world many times.

Even the most commonplace devices in our world had to be invented by someone.

Take the windshield wiper. It may seem hard to imagine a world without windshield wipers, but there was one, and Mary Anderson lived in that world.

In 1902, Anderson was visiting New York City.

If an event is branded as annual but it only happens once, can it still be called annual? This is the case for Pyongyang's "annual" Taedonggang Beer Festival, the second of which was slated to take place during the month of August.

China-based tour company Koryo Tours, which is among the go-to tour groups organizing trips into North Korea, writes on its blog that it was "informed" North Korean organizers have canceled the event.

The highest court in Massachusetts ruled Monday that local law enforcement cannot keep people in custody solely at the request of federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The practice, often known as an "ICE detainer," enabled federal authorities to take a longer look at the immigration status of people whom they suspect might be in the country illegally, even if they were otherwise free to leave.

A new Senate campaign ad for Rep. Mo Brooks uses audio from last month's shooting at a congressional baseball practice that left Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., gravely wounded.

Brooks was among the congressmen practicing at the Alexandria, Va., baseball diamond and highlights the experience as he competes in the GOP Senate primary in Alabama, a traditionally conservative state.

The Senate Health Care Vote, Simplified

14 hours ago

The Senate is expected to vote Tuesday on whether to advance health care legislation to the Senate floor. That would open up debate on an Obamacare repeal and/or replacement plan.

The importance of the vote was highlighted by Sen. John McCain's decision to return to Washington to take part. He announced last week that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, told lawmakers in a statement on Monday that he "did not collude ... with any foreign government."

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Six months after Republicans gained control of the White House and both houses of Congress, Democrats have outlined a plan to improve their chances of methodically taking it all back.

They are leaning heavily on a re-branding of their greatest hits — more and better-paying jobs, lowering health care costs and cracking down on the what are seen as the abuses of big business.