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Attorney General says Civil Rights Commission policy is invalid

Attorney General Bill Schuette says the state’s Civil Rights Commission cannot consider discrimination complaints for sexual orientation or gender identity. Last May the commission adopted a policy that would have allowed LGBTQ people to file such complaints. In a formal opinion Schuette says the commission essentially tried to reinterpret the state’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. He says there is nothing in the text of the law or in Michigan case law that says “sex” includes sexual...

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Attorney General Bill Schuette says the state’s Civil Rights Commission cannot consider discrimination complaints for sexual orientation or gender identity.

Last May the commission adopted a policy that would have allowed LGBTQ people to file such complaints.

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Rett DeBoer is a Republican precinct delegate and was the outreach co-chair in 2017. An activist for President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016, DeBoer says her faith guides her decisions, including the decision to run for the State Senate in the 30th district.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has identified two private drinking wells near an Air National Guard base with high levels of chemical contaminants. The department in April began testing 61 drinking water wells at homes near the Air National Guard base in Battle Creek. The testing followed concerns over the military site's decades-long use of firefighting foam containing perfluorinated chemicals, known as PFAS. PFAS have been linked to health issues, including canc

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Small business owner Tommy Brann is the Republican incumbent serving Michigan’s 77th House District. He’s on the House Appropriations Committee chairing the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs/Insurance and Financial Services subcommittee. He believes in lowering tax rates and increasing law enforcement funding keeping neighborhoods safe.

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Republican Steven Johnson is the incumbent House Representative in Michigan’s 72nd District. He chairs the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. He is also a member of the House Energy, Military and Veterans Affairs, Oversight and Tax Policy committees.

“I am the clear conservative choice in this race. I am the only candidate endorsed by Michigan Right to Life and have consistently stood for lower taxes and less regulations fighting for our conservative values. I have been a strong voice against the special interests in Lansing and standing up for lower insurance rates.”

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Jose Belardo of Lansing, Kansas, spent most of his career in the U.S. Public Health Service. He worked on the frontlines of disasters in places like Haiti, Colombia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. At home with his three kids and wife, Elaine, he'd always been unfailingly reliable, so when he forgot their wedding anniversary two years in a row, they both started to worry.

"We recognized something wasn't right and pretty much attributed it to being overworked and tired," Elaine says.

A GOP Congressman and former FBI agent says he thinks President Trump was manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Brian Fitzpatrick told NPR's Michel Martin on All Things Considered that he drew that conclusion after the two leaders appeared in Helsinki.

"The president was manipulated by Vladimir Putin," Fitzpatrick said. "Vladimir Putin is a master manipulator."

Imagine an aid worker in Bangladesh. Her mother tongue is Chittagonian. She's trying to help a Rohingya refugee, whose language is similar to hers — but not 100 percent.

In 1998, 25 weeks into her pregnancy, Sara Arey's cervix dilated and her amniotic sac started to descend into the birth canal. She was rushed to a hospital an hour and a half away from her home near Hickory, N.C., where she stayed for more than a week before her baby was born via emergency C-section. The baby, a girl, died 12 hours later in the hospital.

The Trump Administration released previously classified documents Saturday related to the FBI wiretapping of one-time campaign adviser Carter Page. Republicans say the documents reveal the FBI relied on an anti-Trump source for its decision, while Democrats say the warrants underscore murky and possibly criminal connections between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

Just over four years ago, on July 17, 2014, six delegates on their way to the International AIDS Conference died in the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine.

The delegates were among the 298 people killed hours after their flight took off from Amsterdam.

International investigations concluded that the missile that downed the jet originated with the Russian military, which has denied involvement.

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The last time Matthew Caruana Galizia saw his mother alive, she was going to the bank.

A government minister had gotten the courts to freeze her bank accounts. She intended to fight for access to her funds.

"If someone tried to shut her up, if someone tried to stop her, she'd just fight back even harder," the son says. "That was her spirit."

Rome's Subway Expansion Reveals Artifacts From The Ancient Past

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All roads may lead to Rome, but once you get there, good luck taking the subway. The sprawling metropolis is expanding its mass transit system — a sluggish process made even slower as workers keep running into buried ancient ruins.

"I found some gold rings. I found glasswork laminated in gold depicting a Roman god, some amphoras," says Gilberto Pagani, a bulldozer operator at the Amba Aradam metro stop, currently under construction not far from the Colosseum.

When Maria Toorpakai plays squash in the Pakistan city of Peshawar, military snipers stand on the roof over the court to protect her from the Taliban.

On a recent scorching afternoon in Austin, Texas, Democrat Justin Nelson held a bar crawl in three bars within just a few blocks of each other — and each of those three different bars were in three different congressional districts.

"Even in this baking hot Austin sun, you can walk these three blocks without even being totally drenched in sweat, because these districts are so close," said Nelson, who is campaigning to replace the state's Republican attorney general, Ken Paxton, in November.