Kent County Prosecutor's Office starts on-site victims assistance program at Hispanic Center

In an effort to help victims of crime who may be reluctant to come forward, the Kent County Prosecuting Attorney’s office and the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan have partnered to create an on-site victim assistance program. The program will give victims the opportunity to talk with prosecutors at the Hispanic Center instead of the courthouse, which officials say can be somewhat overwhelming for some. Noemy Aguilar is a Victim Witness Advocate at the Prosecutor's office, and says the hope...

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Logan Lucky leads the pack in movie theaters

Aug 18, 2017

Lucky Logan opens in theaters today to mostly positive reviews.  The Hitman's Bodyguard, Brigsby Bear, Wind River and Step all open in western Michigan today as well.  WGVU breaks it all down with Ron Van Timmeran from Celebration Cinema.

   The first Michiganders to be arrested for smuggling contraband into a prison via drone were arraigned this week.

   Now some lawmakers want tougher laws when it comes to flying drones near prisons.


   Michigan lawmakers have been trying for years to get a law on the books about drones and prisons. The latest version has been waiting for a committee hearing since February. It would prohibit flying a drone within 1-thousand feet of a jail, prison or other law enforcement building.

Asian carp found near Lake Michigan got past barriers

Aug 18, 2017

Officials say an Asian carp found in a Chicago waterway this summer apparently got past an electric barrier system intended to prevent the invasive fish from reaching the Great Lakes. The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee says an autopsy shows the 4-year-old male silver carp originated in the Illinois/Middle Mississippi watershed. 


On Monday, August 21… all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun.  If you’re within the “Path of Totality”, you’ll be able to see a rare “total” solar eclipse.  In Michigan, we’re outside the  total eclipse path, but we will see a “partial solar eclipse”, which experts say is still quite remarkable.

“There is an official eclipse party at the Grand Rapids Public Museum and some of my colleagues will be there to help with that event, bringing telescopes that are safely filtered to allow people to see the eclipse happening, up close.“

Grand Rapids City Commissioners have hired 21st Century Policing to assist the city's Task Force on their review of the Grand Rapids Police Department’s policies and procedures. The task force was initially created after a traffic study found Grand Rapids police officers were twice as likely to pull over black drivers as non-black drivers. Leading the way at 21st Century Policing is Ronald L. Davis, former President Barack Obama’s executive director for the President’s Task Force.

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As President Trump doubled down on his defense of Confederate statues and monuments this week, he overlooked an important fact noted by historians: The majority of the memorials seem to have been built with the intention not to honor fallen soldiers, but specifically to further ideals of white supremacy.

President Trump is only the latest man in the White House to see his plans, his governing coalition and his popular standing all at risk because of a racially charged issue.

On a recent weekday, Vamsi Komarala guides me up to the rooftop of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, where he teaches physics. Fields of solar panels adorn the buildings.

I swipe an index finger across one of the panels to see if weeks of monsoon rains have washed it clean. My finger comes back filthy with grit.

Vamsi tells me the panels are washed twice a week, then explains the grime: "That is because in New Delhi, we have a lot of dust."

A group of alumni from one of the country's most influential evangelical Christian universities is condemning their school's president for his continued alignment with President Trump.

Imagine the worst has happened to your family. You've been forced to flee your home.

You eventually make it to safety. But now you're living in a camp for displaced persons.

You don't want to just depend on handouts. So how do you make a living?

When children in Turkey head back to school this fall, something will be missing from their textbooks: any mention of evolution.

The Turkish government is phasing in what it calls a values-based curriculum. Critics accuse Turkey's president of pushing a more conservative, religious ideology — at the expense of young people's education.

At a playground in an upscale, secular area of Istanbul, parents and grandparents express concern over the new policy.

Last weekend, when white nationalists descended on Charlottesville to protest, it was clear that almost exclusively white, young males comprised the so-called alt-right movement — there were women, but very few.

So where were the white women who weren't out protesting in the streets?

For the most part, journalist Seyward Darby discovered, they're online.

Last week, NPR had a story that garnered a huge response from listeners and Shots readers.

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