Prosecutors say an investigation has found Lansing police officers were justified in the shootings that injured a 25-year-old Ingham County man.
     County Prosecutor Carol Simeon said in a release Monday her office reviewed the Michigan State Police probe into the March 31 shooting of Michael Magik Jones of Holt. Authorities say he was wounded after shooting at tactical officers, who tracked him down after he had fired at another officer.

The state is trying to find ways to help medical marijuana businesses that are having trouble finding a bank or a credit union.

The state is in the process of licensing growers, transporters and retailers that want to join the medical marijuana business.

   Rick Johnson chairs the state medical marijuana licensing board. He says most financial institutions won’t work with marijuana-related businesses because the drug remains illegal under federal law.

“It’s the banks. I’m not picking on banks. Most financial institutes today don’t want to deal with it.”


Agencies have developed a plan to prevent land-based invasive plants, animals, insects and tree diseases from reaching Michigan, while limiting the damage caused by those already in the state. The Department of Natural Resources says the Terrestrial Invasive Species State Management Plan was assembled by a team with representatives from several departments, including Agriculture and Rural Development; Environmental Quality; Natural Resources; and Transportation. 

A health care center in West Michigan is accused of agreeing to requests by patients for white-only caregivers. Six black certified nursing assistants filed a lawsuit April 11 against Providence Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, where they all work or formerly worked. 

Gas in Michigan is highest since 2015

Apr 23, 2018

AAA Michigan says average gas prices statewide have risen about 9 cents in the past week. The Dearborn-based auto club said late Sunday that the average price for self-serve regular unleaded gasoline was about $2.88 per gallon. Prices are about 34 cents more than at the same point last year and AAA says they're at the highest point since 2015.

Authorities say a man suspected in a slaying in western Michigan has been fatally shot by officers after holding his wife at gunpoint. The Ottawa County sheriff's office says the 27-year-old man was shot Sunday outside his mobile home at West Olive Estates in the West Olive area. Capt. Mark Bennett says the man was holding a gun to his wife's head as officers "engaged" with him and he was shot.

A conversation with Grand Rapids' new City Clerk

Apr 23, 2018

After a nationwide search, the Grand Rapids City Commission recently voted Joel Hondorp as the City’s next city clerk. Serving as Byron Township’s clerk since 2000, the City Commission pointed to Hondorp’s 22 years of clerk experience coupled with his strong commitment to increase voter turnout as admirable traits for his selection.

WGVU’s Daniel Boothe spoke with Hondorp about getting the job as well as looking ahead to the November election.

A federal judge has denied a request to order Michigan officials to resume distribution of free bottled water in Flint.
     The Flint Journal reports that U.S. District Judge Judith Levy sided with the state, which announced an end to the program on April 6. Tests show Flint is far below the federal action level for lead as it recovers from a lead-contaminated water crisis.
     Some residents and Mayor Karen Weaver say bottled water should remain available until home water lines are replaced, a job that will last until 2020.

Public school teachers marched through downtown Lansing today. They delivered a petition against guns in schools to the state Capitol.

Today is the anniversary of the Columbine school shooting. Earlier, students walked out of their classrooms. In a show of solidary, hundreds of teachers marched to the Capitol dressed in orange – the color for the anti-gun violence movement.  

   They want stricter gun laws – like tighter background checks. And they don’t want guns in schools – even in teachers’ hands.

Jenni Jones teaches the 4th grade in Grand Rapids.

The Voices of GVSU are hosting their 30th anniversary reunion concert.  The Voices came into play at a crucial time for its founder, Cassonya Carter.  The “Voices” filled some critical voids related to faith, being homesick and for some, not being part of mainstream, college life.

 “natz sound of choir”

“My faith really keeps me rooted and grounded and I found ten other students. We were on the same page they believed in the vision that I had and they joined with me and we started the Voices of GVSU.”