A student who led a two-day demonstration outside of his central Michigan high school this week says it was in response to the unpunished theft of a Confederate battle flag from his pickup truck. Cameron Myers, an 18-year-old senior at Bay City Western High School, told The Associated Press on Thursday that he complained to school officials that someone had cut the large Confederate flag from a pole on his truck, but no one was disciplined. He then took to friends on social media, asking them to fly their own flags outside the school. 

The state of Michigan is defending a decision to cut off free bottled water in Flint, saying tap water now is as "good or better" than in many communities. Attorneys responded Thursday to a request that the state be ordered to resume water distribution. Federal Judge Judith Levy is holding a hearing Friday. Gov. Rick Snyder announced an end to free water on April 6.

Michigan wildlife biologists are postponing a release of sharp-tailed grouse in the western Upper Peninsula because of prolonged wintry weather. The species hasn't been seen regularly in the area since the mid-1990s. Scientists with the Department of Natural Resources had planned to capture about 20 of the birds in the eastern U.P. and turn them loose on the western end, in Ontonagon County.

Classes are canceled at a school district in southern Michigan a day after gunfire apparently from a nearby neighborhood shattered windows of two occupied high school classrooms. No one was injured at Jackson High School in Thursday afternoon's shooting. The Jackson Citizen Patriot reports police say two bullets that hit the school likely came from the area of an apartment complex across the street.

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The U.S. Geological Survey is reporting a 3.6-magnitude earthquake centered in southern Canada that also was felt in suburban Detroit.

The quake was recorded late Thursday near Amherstburg, Ontario, a town of about 21,900 people.

Jeff Ward of Taylor, Michigan, told the Detroit Free Press he was on his couch watching television when the ground started shaking.

He says a rumbling sound made him think a truck was passing on nearby Interstate 94.

But his understanding changed when the sound continued and the house started shaking.

Three former waitresses at Grand Coney Diner in Grand Rapids have filed a federal lawsuit against the company, claiming that complaints of sexual harassment by a shift manager were ignored.

The waitress claim that they faced repeated sexual harassment while waiting tables at Grand Coney. They say, a shift manager there, continuously made sexually inappropriate comments, texted lewd pictures, and then would force the waitresses to erase the messages from their phone when they would show up to work.


The state Legislature moved forward today on a plan to drastically change Michigan’s Medicaid policy.

The Senate passed a bill that would add work requirements to Medicaid.

If a person is considered able-bodied and doesn’t fit an exception, they would be required to work or go to school for 29 hours a week.

Advocates say the bill encourages and helps people find work.

A state Senate committee debated the merits of making people work for their Medicaid benefits.

       The committee passed that bill today.

Claire Maitre is 62. She watches her two grandsons while their parents are at work. Maitre says she also volunteers. And she’s currently on Medicaid.

       “I may seem poor to you, but my life seems rich.”

       Maitre could be required to find paid work if the bill passes as is. She says she would rather lose her health insurance than not take care of her grandkids.

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Tech sector entrepreneurs gaining more attention from venture capitalists and we discuss GROW's expansion into Grand Haven and Muskegon.

For the second straight year, President Donald Trump is holding a rally instead of attending the White House Correspondents Dinner. The president's campaign announced Tuesday that Trump will hold a rally on April 28 in Michigan. The event in the town of Washington, which is outside Detroit, is slated to begin around the same time as the glitzy gala in the far more well-known Washington, D.C.