The Michigan Court of Appeals has dismissed a class-action lawsuit filed against the state by people who were wrongly accused of ripping off the unemployment system.

The appeals court said three plaintiffs representing all the people who were wrongly accused waited too long to file the legal action.

   Jennifer Lord is an attorney for the plaintiffs. She says the state is abusing a legal technicality to evade responsibility. She says the next stop is the Michigan Supreme Court.

State lawmakers have formed a task force to look for ways to improve mental health treatment in Michigan.

It’s called the House CARES task force. CARES stands for Community, Access, Resources, Education and Safety.

   The goal is to help Michiganders with mental health challenges become more independent.

   Republican Representative Klint Kesto is on the committee. He says the task force will look for cutting edge initiatives for Michigan.


“We continue to do modest changes that are good, yes, but we should be better than that. We should do great.”

Immigrants are powering Michigan’s economic recovery, and President Donald Trump’s immigration policy is sending the wrong message to those considering Michigan as a place to attend college or start a business. That’s according to a report released by the Michigan Economic Center.

A task force created by Gov. Rick Snyder says municipalities should prefund the cost to provide health insurance to newly hired employees in retirement. It's one of four recommendations issued Tuesday by the group, which studied $17 billion in unfunded health care and pension liabilities. The task force failed to find consensus on benefit changes such as capping employers' health costs and moving new hires into 401(k)-only plans. 

Smokestack demolished at former Michigan paper mill site

Jul 18, 2017

A 70-year-old smokestack on the site of a former paper mill in western Michigan has been demolished. The  implosion , which left behind rubble and cloud of dust Tuesday morning in Muskegon. The demolition of "Power House Stack No. 1" came amid concerns by city officials that it might collapse if left standing. Police set up a perimeter around the site to keep onlookers safe from asbestos-laden dust. 

Several community leaders in Grand Rapids are expected to participate in a panel discussion on human trafficking. The free event will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at Western Michigan University's Cooley Law School campus in Grand Rapids. 


Democrats in the state Legislature have unveiled bills they say would keep jobs and tax dollars in Michigan.

One bill would do things like give preference to Michigan-based businesses that bid on state contracts. Another would let Michigan companies get a second chance if they are underbid by an out-of-state firm.

   Democratic Senator Curtis Hertel is a bill sponsor. He says other states have similar preference laws.

East Lansing is defending a decision to keep an apple grower away from its outdoor market because of his views on gay marriage. The city urged a judge Monday to reject an injunction that would force the city to bring Stephen Tennes back to the market. Tennes has said he won't allow gay couples to get married at his Eaton County farm, which is a popular place for weddings. 

Parking in Downtown Grand Rapids is about to get cheaper for drivers who use the parking smartphone app. The Grand Rapids Mobile GR and Parking Services Department announced a new contract with Parkmobile, a smartphone application that allows customers to use their mobile phones to pay for metered parking throughout the city. The new contract will reduce a customer’s convenience fee by 43 percent, from $.35 to. $.15 per transaction. 

Michigan conservationists seek 2 who ran down geese

Jul 17, 2017

Michigan conservation officers are looking for two jet skiers who plowed into a flock of Canada geese, killing one and injuring others. The State Department of Natural Resources released a witness' video Sunday that shows the two people circling around with their watercraft on Mona Lake and then running over a flock of geese. Officers say at least three geese were injured and one was killed on July 10.