Thursday’s national Day Without Immigrants has impacted Grand Rapids Public Schools attendance and it may cause the district to declare it a snow day.

Grand Rapids Public Schools was aware the Day Without Immigrants was in the works and that it would affect attendance. The district appealed to parents encouraging their children to be in the classroom Thursday.

However, in a news release from Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal she explained, “We did experience a large number of students and parents exercising their rights by participating in the Immigrant Out Day.” /

In January, President Donald Trump asked Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act “very quickly.”

The replacement plan has yet to be revealed. A recent statewide poll asks Michigan voters what they think about repealing the ACA without a replacement?

Whether you’re a Michigan Republican, Democrat or Independent the overwhelming number of voters, 57 percent, want Congress and President Donald Trump to have a health care replacement plan enacted before repealing the one that’s already in place.


James Nichols, the brother of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols, has died following a lengthy illiness. He was 62.
     Debra Kranz of Kranz Funeral Home in Cass City, Michigan, said Thursday that Nichols died Tuesday in a Saginaw hospital.
     The Flint Journal reported he suffered from cancer.

House Republicans have an ambitious plan they say will keep Michigan on its path of recovery.

Car insurance reform is one part of the plan. House Speaker Tom Leonard says they want to reexamine Michigan’s no-fault system and find a way to reduce costs.   

“We’ve got a situation where folks simply can no longer afford auto insurance.”

Earlier efforts at no-fault reform drew fierce opposition.

Mariano Avila / WGVU

If your favorite taco joint is closed today or half of your Hispanic employees don’t show up to work, it’s because they’re on a national strike against mass deportations and the current administration’s immigration policy. I talked to two local women. First, is Idalia Tinoco, she owns a chicken joint off 28th Street called “La Casa del Pollo Loco,” which today is closed.

[Tinoco in Spanish]  “The purpose is to make clear all that we contribute to this country.”

Idalia and her staff will all stay home for the day, but she says it’s more involved than just time off.

The Grand Rapids Police Department is looking for a suspect who robbed a victim at gunpoint downtown. Police officials say the man displayed a gun before stealing the victim’s backpack. The robbery took place on Monday, February 6th at around 9pm in the area of Ottawa Avenue and Weston Street in Grand Rapids.

Post-9/11 Muslim identity explored in Michigan performance

Feb 16, 2017

A National Medal of Arts recipient is presenting a performance at the University of Michigan exploring the post-9/11 lives of young Muslim New Yorkers. Ping Chong + Company will perform "Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity" on Saturday at Power Center for the Performing Arts. The interview-based theater production includes people raised Muslim, converted to the faith or left it.


A criminal case review team has formed to look at sexual assault allegations on or near Grand Valley State University's Allendale campus. The update comes after the news organization last year reported some sexual assaults being disclosed to university staff were slow to reach police and some weren't forwarded to the Ottawa County prosecutor's office.

Police request warrants in Michigan State assault case

Feb 16, 2017
MSU logo / Michigan State University

Prosecutors say they've received warrant requests from police at Michigan State University in a sexual assault investigation that has led to the suspension of three football players from team activities.


A Michigan county's practice of Christian-only prayers at public meetings has been declared unconstitutional by a federal appeals court.
     In a 2-1 decision Wednesday, the court ruled in favor of a Jackson County resident who was offended after he began attending county commissioner meetings in 2013 to discuss environmental issues.
     Peter Bormuth said he felt compelled to stand and participate in religion in order to speak to public officials. At one meeting, a commissioner turned his chair around when Bormuth complained about prayer.