Cheyna Roth

The Trump administration recently announced new guidance for how college campuses should handle sexual assault complaints.

Michigan universities won’t be changing their policies right away.

The new guidance lets schools use mediation for informal resolution of sexual assault cases. It also lets schools raise the standard of proof for campus adjudication of complaints.

Daniel Hurley is the CEO of the Michigan Association of State Universities. He says Michigan campuses will keep their current policies for now.

Parents of private school students cannot be part of a lawsuit over whether the state can send taxpayer money to their kids’ schools.

The state wants to give religious schools money to cover things the state requires. Several public school organizations sued to stop the payments. They say the state constitution prohibits public money going to private schools.

Several religious organizations, lawmakers and parents tried to join the lawsuit with the state. But the court said no.

The state’s licensing department has started to release details about the future of medical marijuana regulation in Michigan.

Medical marijuana licensees will be able to open one stop shops. The Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation plans to let a person get a license to grow, process and sell marijuana. People could also use the same facility for the entire operation.  

Andrew Brisbo  is the bureau’s director. He says the bureau got a lot of requests for this.


Michigan won’t limit how much money corporations and unions can spend to influence elections in the state – under legislation that’s cleared the state senate.

In 2010 the US Supreme Court said corporations and unions could spend as much money as they wanted on political campaigns. Seven years later, Michigan lawmakers are putting that standard into state law.

Arlan Meekhof is the Senate Majority Leader. He voted in favor of the bills, “Because everybody should have free speech and the Supreme Court has said that free speech equals money in what you give.”

Lawmakers in Lansing are gearing up for a showdown over Michigan’s auto no-fault law. A group of Republicans and Democrats in the state House announced changes they plan to introduce.

They said their plan would make car insurance more affordable without limiting coverage.

The bipartisan group plans to introduce legislation that would, among other things, bar insurers from using factors like gender and zip code to set rates.

Medical marijuana users who buy from dispensaries will need to find a new source by December 15th.

   Dispensaries have been open for awhile in Michigan. But the state is just now gearing up to license them. And it says any shop that wants to operate legally needs to close by mid-December – or risk being denied a license.

Andrew Brisbo is with the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation. He says that’s only fair.

“Set a level playing field at the initiation of this program to implement so that we are evaluating all applicants against the same criteria.


The future of medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan could be decided tomorrow The state Medical Marijuana Licensing Board meets again to discuss whether current dispensaries should be able to get a license.

At the last meeting, one member said dispensaries should have to close their doors until the application process opens – or risk not getting a license at all.

   The state’s licensing department will make a recommendation on the issue at the meeting.

A change to the state’s minimum wage might be on the 20-18 ballot.

Restaurant owners are already speaking out against the proposal. 

   One Fair Wage wants to raise Michigan’s minimum wage to 12-dollars an hour within four years. It also wants to increase the minimum wage for tipped workers.

   Restaurateurs aren’t happy about the proposal. Some are concerned the increase won’t be possible with already tight budgets.


The state Legislature was back in session for its first day of voting today.

Lawmakers were met with protestors at the Capitol.

A crowd gathered to – quote – “reject the Trump agenda.” Their issues ranged from immigration to equality to standing up to hate speech.

Jocelyn Domgjoni  was at the protest. Her husband immigrated to America from Kosovo  four years ago. She wants lawmakers to do more for immigrants and people of color.


“Because it just seems like our lawmakers aren’t doing enough for us right now. They aren’t doing enough for any of us.”


Governor Rick Snyder plans to announce a new recycling initiative this fall.

A group made up of the governor’s administration and various stakeholders wants Michigan to recycle more, and landfill less.

The group wants to make recycling easier and more accessible to people across the state. Legislation language is currently being drafted.

Kerrin O’Brien is with the Michigan Recycling Coalition.

“So we’re really talking about a whole system of managing materials differently.”