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Controversial legislation to scrap unlimited, lifetime medical coverage for car crash victims is back up for consideration in Lansing.

Proponents of the current system say the law makes sure victims are taken care of. But Republicans have been trying for decades to scale back the state’s unlimited medical coverage for people injured in car crashes.  

The proposed legislation would let consumers pick their levels of coverage.

Speaker of the House Tom Leonard says auto no fault overhaul is one of his party’s biggest priorities.

Second Amendment enthusiasts took to the State Capitol today.

There are currently bills making their way through the legislature that would allow for concealed pistol carry without a license. There are also plans for legislation to make registering firearms optional in the state.

   Second Amendment advocates want to make sure these pieces of legislation and more are passed.

Jim Makowski is the attorney for Michigan Gun Owners Incorporated.


“No one here is an anarchist, everyone supports the law. We just want better laws.”

Lawmakers in Lansing are once again looking into changes to the state’s criminal justice and corrections system. A House committee met today for the first of what is likely to be several hearings on the issue.

“Smart on crime, soft on our taxpayers”

That’s the new motto Republican Representative Klint Kesto is trying to adopt as Michigan’s attitude toward criminal justice.

Kesto says the state needs to focus on rehabilitation to prevent recidivism, and send fewer people to prison.

Michigan is competitive among other states when it comes to business taxes. That’s according to an annual ranking released today.

Michigan has the 16th lowest business tax obligation in the nation – that’s basically how expensive it is to do business in the state. Last year it almost made it into the top ten at number 12.

Patrick Anderson is the CEO of Anderson Economic Group. They release the study every year. He says Michigan has dropped a few spots in the rankings. But he says it still has lower business taxes than the national average.


After weeks of discussion, Macomb County is getting state money to fix a sinkhole in Fraser that opened up in a residential neighborhood last Christmas.

The state Senate and House went back and forth on whether Macomb County should get a loan or a grant to help with the sinkhole.

Now, the Michigan Department of Transportation will step in with a 3 (m) million dollar grant from its Priority Roads Investment Program.

Jeff Yaroch  is a Macomb County Representative. He says the need fits the M-DOT program because the sinkhole damaged major roads in the area.

Past and present public policies have a major impact on the disparities in child well-being in Michigan. That’s according to a report released Tuesday by the Michigan League for Public Policy.

According to the report, race, income and community are some of the biggest indicators of the wellbeing of Michigan children.

“We need to be thinking about policy reforms to institutions and systems that have created and continue to allow these inequities to continue,” said Kids Count in Michigan Project Director at the Michigan League for Public Policy, Alicia Guevara Warren.

The Michigan Supreme Court heard arguments on whether a religious school is shielded from the Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act.

Bettina Winkler was a student at Notre Dame Marist Academy middle school. After an entrance exam, Winkler was denied acceptance to the affiliated high school. Winkler says it’s because she has a learning disability.

Nicholas Roumel is Winkler’s attorney. He says Winkler was the only middle school student that wasn’t accepted to the high school.

The Michigan Supreme Court is considering whether conversations with an attorney trigger the Whistleblowers’ Protection Act.

A nurse at the MidMichigan Medical Center in Alma found herself in hot water after she told her lawyer about a patient at the hospital.

A judge had granted Tammy McNeill-Marks a personal protection order, against another woman. When that woman showed up as a patient at the hospital, McNeill-Marks told her lawyer. 

Sarah Willey  is the hospital’s attorney. She says the Whistleblower law does not trump patient privacy laws.

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Michigan’s drug monitoring system has been updated with what state officials call state-of-the-art technology.

The online system provides health care professionals information about certain drugs that have been prescribed in the state. Officials say this information helps doctors make informed decisions before prescribing medication and can red flag so-called drug shoppers.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley chaired the Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force. It originally recommended updating the old system – which had been plagued with problems.

State Senator Bert Johnson was indicted today by a federal grand jury.

The Highland Park senator is charged with conspiracy and theft. His home and Lansing office were raided by FBI and state police officers several weeks ago.

   Johnson is accused of borrowing thousands of dollars from an unnamed co-conspirator. That co-conspirator was then put on the public payroll as a member of his staff, but the co-conspirator did no actual work for Johnson.