Jennifer Moss


Jennifer is an award winning broadcast news journalist with more than two decades of professional television news experience including the nation's fifth largest news market. She's worked as both news reporter and news anchor for television and radio in markets from Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo all the way to San Francisco, California.

She's interviewed everyone from U.S. Presidents to Oprah Winfrey; Bishop Desmond Tutu to amazing young students. She's skied with Special Olympians and has flown an F-16 fighter jet.

Jennifer loves the community in which she lives and thus remains very active. She has been recognized for outstanding community service and received the "Giants" award in Grand Rapids.

Jennifer has two teenage sons at home and a daughter and grandson in Indianapolis. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.


The humanitarian crisis following Hurricane Maria continues to devastate those living in Puerto Rico.  Starting today, Grand Rapids Public Schools and the City of Grand Rapids are taking part in a charitable drive to benefit those in need.

“We have heard from our students… We are a family here and we come together when our family is in need.”


Grand Rapids Public Schools is getting the word out about its Annual School Choice Expo and Family Harvest Festival.

“We wanted to make it a fun family event, but also for parents to get that important school choice information.”

That’s John Helmholdt. Executive Director of Communications at Grand Rapids Public Schools.  They’re prepping for this year’s School Choice Expo, which will be held on October 19th.

Police car lights
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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month where people all across the country are asked to focus on preventing and ending domestic violence in their communities. To that end, Silent Observer is releasing their “Love Does Not Hit” poster highlighting people with Domestic Violence warrants

“October is domestic violence month and Silent Observer, put out our domestic violence poster once again to bring domestic violence to the forefront.”

Chris Cameron is Silent Observer’s Executive Director.  She says the poster and this month brings to life the plight of the victim.

Be Brave.  That is what countless women must do when faced with the news of breast cancer.  This weekend, the BEE BRAVE 5K, allows runners to come together to support “local” breast cancer research at the Van Andel Institute.  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Where we gain that hope is that people who were our featured fighters 8-9 years ago, have beaten the disease because of research that has been done, since we started.”

Western Michigan University logo
Western Michigan University /

Occupational therapy students from Western Michigan University’s Grand Rapids location are taking action against teen suicide.  They’re holding a fundraising event to support the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan's teen suicide prevention program. 

“So, it all started with a student in 2010 that had a friend who had committed suicide in high school. And so she had partnered with the mental health foundation prior to getting into the OT program and that’s when we started the event and starting partnering with them.”

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After being inundated with calls, asking “how can we help”, a local organization is stepping up to provide an avenue for West Michigan residents to help those impacted by disasters in Puerto Rico and Mexico. 

“And we can’t here in W. Michigan turn a blind eye to these disasters and I don’t think people want to turn a blind eye.”

Despite remarkable advances in treatment, childhood cancer remains the number one disease killer of children and early teens in the U.S. each year.  While Childhood Cancer Awareness month just wrapped up,  the need for ongoing attention to the advances in treatments and cures, doesn’t end.  Here’s part of a conversation with the head of Pediatric Oncology at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Dr. James Fahner.


This month, bee keepers across the region began harvesting honey created during the summer. Grand Valley State University students and faculty members are part of this group and recently gathered honey produced on campus.  Harvesting honey is only one part of the story.  It appears the bees can have an impact on their college experience.

“This year, we extracted over 360 pounds of honey.  And we have more than 300 jars of honey total and that’s great.”

GVSU Communications

A Grand Valley State University Professor was able to breathe a sigh of relief after former GVSU students in Houston came to the rescue. A group of Grand Valley alumni lent a helping hand after the fellow Laker’s childhood home was devastated by flooding during Hurricane Harvey.

“I don’t know how to thank them enough. I’m glad, GV produces such great students. Feel like I’m lucky to be a part of that. And former students, reaffirmed my choice of profession, that’s for sure.”


Looking for a new, cool destination for your travels? Or perhaps a unique spring break trip unlike any other?  We talked to our local travel expert along with one of the first tour operators to start U.S. travel to Cuba.

“The island size speaks to it, you even have different climates in Cuba and of course the beaches are beautiful.”