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Patrick  joined WGVU in December, 2008, after eight years of investigative reporting at Grand Rapids' WOOD TV8 and three years at WYTV News Channel 33 in Youngstown, Ohio. As News Director, Patrick manages our daily news operation. An award winning reporter, Patrick is an EMMY Award nominee and was named Best Individual Reporter by the Michigan Associated Press and presented with the Best Individual Reporter Merit Award by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. . He remains loyal to his boyhood professional sports teams: Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavaliers. Although he grew up in the "buckeye" state, he has fallen in love with the people and natural resources of West Michigan.

Peregrine falcon leg banding
GVSU University Communications

The peregrine falcon continues its Michigan comeback. This week wildlife biologists from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources banded a pair of chicks nesting in downtown Grand Rapids.

Overlooking the Grand River atop Grand Valley State University’s Eberhard Center is a rooftop nesting box. Inside are two peregrine falcon chicks, their parents circling overhead.

Grand Rapids Fire Department accept framed copy of 1974 Emergency Medical Services Week proclamation signed by President Gerald R. Ford.
Patrick Center / WGVU

As part of Emergency Medical Services Week, the Grand Rapids Fire Department and it Emergency Medical Services was honored Thursday at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum with a copy of President Gerald R. Ford’s 1974 proclamation.

“President Ford was always a champion for those who served to protect our communities; the fire, the police, EMS providers and first responders.”

In 1974 President Gerald R. Ford signed a proclamation Emergency Medical Services Week. It reinforced the need at the time to improve emergency medical care.

GRIMM logo

A Veteran-owned cybersecurity company is expanding into West Michigan creating new jobs.

Arlington, Virginia-based Grimm provides cybersecurity consulting, research, testing and training for a number of government and commercial clients. As it looks at industry growth over the next three years, Grimm has decided now is the time to expand nationwide.

D.B. Cooper rendering
Wikimedia Commons

D.B. Cooper is the American criminal mind known for skyjacking a jetliner and getting away with it. His fate after parachuting from a Boeing 727 and his true identity have remained one of the great unsolved mysteries.

But during a recent news conference held at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, his best friend and author of a new book claims to reveal the Michigan man’s identity and confessions.

calculator and financial paperwork
Dave Dugdale via Wikimedia | CC BY 2.0 /

In a statewide poll Michigan voters overwhelmingly support expanding overtime pay. 

Lansing-based EPIC-MRA recently surveyed 600 registered Michigan voters asking this question: There is a proposal under consideration for either Michigan’s Legislature or Michigan’s next governor that would guarantee time-and-a-half overtime pay for salaried workers who earn up to $47,000 per year when they work more than 40 hours per week. 275,000 Michigan residents would be guaranteed overtime pay if this proposal was adopted. Would you favor or oppose this proposal?


The sponsor of proposed Medicaid work requirements is dropping a provision that would have exempted recipients who live in Michigan counties with higher jobless rates, saying Gov. Rick Snyder's administration worries it would be an "administrative nightmare."

Roger B. Chaffee
Wikimedia Commons

A statue of Grand Rapids native and Apollo Astronaut Roger B. Chaffee will be unveiled Saturday, May 19th in downtown Grand Rapids.

Roger B. Chaffee was a Grand Rapids Central High School graduate and pilot of NASA’s Apollo 1 mission.

Newsreel audio: “Apollo astronauts Roger Chaffee, Edward White and Gus Grissom lose their lives in a tragic flash fire aboard their grounded space capsule. The tragedy occurred during a simulated countdown for the first flight of the Apollo program whose goal is to put a man on the moon by 1970.”

Las Vegas sportsbook
Wikimedia Commons

The Supreme Court has struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. How could the ruling impact the future Michigan sports betting?

WGVU spoke with Michael Huff an attorney with Grand Rapids-based law firm Mika Meyers where he specializes in corporate and real estate with an interest in sports law. Huff is currently a member of the Sports Law Association which he tells us is a national organization for lawyers who practice in the area of sports law. We begin our conversation with Huff’s intrigue with professional sports, sports wagering and the law.

Las Vegas sportsbook
Wikimedia Commons

The Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The 1992 law barred state-authorized sports gambling with some exceptions.

How does the ruling affect Michigan sports betting? WGVU spoke with a local attorney specializing in the field.

“You know this case potentially opens a huge can of worms.”

Michael Huff is an attorney with Grand Rapids-based law firm Mika Meyers. He is currently a member of the Sports Law Association.

School News Network logo

Students in Sparta are getting green thumbs and growing their knowledge with the help of towering gardens. School News Network takes us inside the classroom for a closer look.

Educators at Appleview Elementary are teaching students about healthy lifestyles with help from indoor tower gardens that can be moved from classroom to classroom.