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Flint is closer to getting 120 million dollars to upgrade its water system as part of an infrastructure budget bill adopted by the state House.

The House agreed to spend 100  million dollars from the EPA and kick in another 20 million from the state. The money will be used to replace lead service lines and water mains and improve the city’s water treatment plant.

   State Representative Sheldon Neeley is from Flint. He says it’s true the city’s water now meets federal safe drinking water standards, but people don’t trust the water is safe.


Governor Rick Snyder is one of the Republicans who is not on board with the GOP plan in Congress to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

Michigan is one of the state’s that expanded its Medicaid program under the ACA.

       Snyder is particularly concerned about how the congressional plan would affect Medicaid, especially the Healthy Michigan program that enrolled more than 650 thousand people who wouldn’t have coverage otherwise.

       Snyder says governors have tried to make their case, but have been ignored. 


A storm that hammered the entire state with hurricane-force winds has left behind an unprecedented number of downed poles and power lines. And that poses a new danger for people still without power with the onset of freezing temperatures.

Utility officials say it could be early next week before power is restored to everyone. And it’s getting mighty cold in Michigan.

       Governor Rick Snyder has activated the state’s emergency response center.



       A group of gun control advocates was at the state Capitol today  to lobby against a proposal to allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

About 75 members of the group Moms Demand Action showed up to lobby lawmakers against relaxing concealed gun rules. Right now, the state requires a clean criminal record and a safety course.                 This new bill would allow anyone 21 years or older who’s not barred from owning a firearm to conceal a gun under their clothes or in a vehicle.


The state is close to running out of money to clean thousands of abandoned, polluted properties all across Michigan.

The state spends about 15 million dollars a year cleaning up abandoned industrial sites. The money comes from bond sales approved by voters back in the 1990s.

       Governor Rick Snyder has proposed a one-time shift of money to pay for the cleanup program in the coming fiscal year. But that’s not a permanent solution.

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The mayor of Flint says Governor Rick Snyder gets a grade of “incomplete” for his handling of the city’s water crisis.

   Mayor Weaver appeared on the Michigan Public Television show “Off The Record.” She says her relationship with Governor Snyder has cooled in recent weeks after the state ended subsidies for residential water bills.

   “We’re going to continue to have some more conversation. I’m not done yet.”


A federal lawsuit claims state prison guards joked and made a bet on whether an inmate would try to kill herself before she took her own life.

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A citizens group is organizing a ballot campaign to take the job of drawing political boundaries away from the Legislature.

Right now, it’s up to the Legislature to draw the lines for Congress, the state House, and the state Senate. The group says lawmakers shouldn’t get to choose their voters. The Voters Not Politicians campaign wants the job handed to an independent commission.

       Katie Fahey says the campaign is aiming for the 2018 ballot.

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Governor Rick Snyder says the state will wait until May at the earliest decide whether to close any of the state’s lowest-performing schools.


Governor Rick Snyder won’t support a plan to roll back the state income tax rate without a matching plan to cut spending.

The rate rollback is backed by state House Republican leaders, but there’s still no explanation of where spending would be cut or new revenue found to balance the budget. Anna Heaton is the governor’s press secretary. She says he’s not ready to threaten a veto, but he does want to see a plan to keep the budget balanced.