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Enbridge Energy says this year was not the first time some protecting coating was scraped off the exterior of Line 5.

Line 5 is the oil and gas pipeline that ships 23 million gallons of oil and gas on a route that runs beneath the Straits of Mackinac.

The company just alerted state officials that in 2014 engineers found anti-corrosion coating had rubbed off parts of the line. Ryan Duffy with Enbridge says the engineers did not think that information was important enough to share with superiors because the integrity of the line was not affected.

The ranking Democrat on the US House Oversight Committee wants to subpoena Governor Rick Snyder.

He’s looking for more answers on when the governor become aware of a fatal outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease.

Congressman Elijah Cummings wants the governor to explain apparent inconsistencies between his testimony before Congress and the testimony of a top aide in a criminal trial. The confusion focuses on when Governor Snyder first became aware of a fatal outbreak in 2015 of Legionnaire's disease in Genessee County.


A state appeals court says a former tribal police chief who pleaded guilty to fraud charges can’t run for state or local political offices. The case will now go to the state Supreme Court.


A bipartisan group of lawmakers has come up with plans to overhaul the state’s Unemployment Insurance Agency.

   They hope to stop a string of problems that led to thousands of people being wrongly accused of fraud.

An agency computer system erroneously said 37 thousand people collected benefits they weren’t entitled to.

   State Representative Joe Graves says that revealed weaknesses in how the agency investigates fraud allegations, in letting people know they are under suspicion.

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The retail giant Amazon is looking for a second home. That could mean thousands of jobs and a new economic anchor for a city. While cities like Denver and Atlanta are competing, leaders in some smaller cities think they have a shot - if only they can get Amazon's attention.


Governor Rick Snyder says he hopes Congress moves quickly to restore health insurance subsidies that were eliminated last week by President Trump.

The governor’s concerned about the effect on rates for low-income families.

More than 156 thousand Michigan consumers use the subsidies to get affordable coverage. Governor Snyder says more study is needed before deciding the state’s next move.

“There are concerns about what this could do to insurance rates in our state.”

Governor Rick Snyder says he stands by his testimony before a congressional committee regarding the Flint water crisis.

The Republican and Democratic leaders on the US House Oversight Committee have asked the governor to provide more details on when he became aware of an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in Genesee County.

That’s because an aide to the governor testified in a criminal trial that he told the governor weeks earlier than when the governor said he knew.

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Michigan’s energy chief says damage to the protective coating on an oil and gas pipeline that runs beneath the Straits of Mackinac was worse than initially reported.

Valerie Brater directs the Michigan Agency for Energy. She says Enbridge Energy initially reported small sections of Line Five’s protective coating were accidentally worn off down to the metal while underwater safety anchors were being installed.

Brater says the places where metal is showing are much larger than Enbridge said they were, and she says company was too slow to repair the damage.

Michigan Supreme Court
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The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether prosecutors can force elected lawmakers to give up their seats as part of a plea deal. That decision won’t come in time to determine whether a former state senator should be removed from the November ballot.


Republican Congressman Dave Trott says he will not seek reelection next year and will retire after four years in Congress.

   Trott says he always intended for his congressional career to be brief.