Rick Pluta


Michigan State University has begun the process to fire the supervisor of former sports doctor Larry Nassar.

MSU’s interim president says the dean of the school of osteopathic medicine didn’t exert appropriate control over Nassar’s conduct.

Nassar is sentenced to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing athletes who were his patients.

The state will end its troubled four-year experiment with using private companies for food services in prisons.

   He rolled out his proposed budget for the coming fiscal year.

Governor Snyder said contracts with two private vendors have not produced promised savings. And he said the current vendor wanted more money to renew the arrangement. 

“I believe it’s appropriate to say that the benefits of continuing down that path don’t outweigh the cost, and that we should transition back to doing it in house.”


Some state lawmakers want to end the practice of allowing police agencies to seize and hold onto cash, cars, and other assets that they think might have played a role in illegal activity.

   State law allows police departments to keep seized assets even if a suspect is never charged or convicted of a crime.

It happened about 500 times in 2016 – people who were never convicted of a crime still lost their seized property.


LGBT rights groups are blasting Governor Rick Snyder’s appointment of an anti-gay minister to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.

The Civil Rights Commission adjudicates claims of housing and employment discrimination. It’s currently embroiled in a controversy over whether its protections should be extended to LGBTpeople.

   Stephanie White of Equality Michigan says that makes the appointment of Pentecostal Bishop Ira Combs particularly ill-timed.

Governor Rick Snyder has called for an assessment on water bills to help pay for fixing pipes and other infrastructure.

   The plan rolled out today would add a dollar every year to most water bills for five years.

That would add up to an additional five dollars a year after five years. It would generate an expected 110 (m) million dollars annually to upgrade water pipes and sewage systems. Some systems are 100 years old, says the governor’s communications director, Ari Adler.

Governor Rick Snyder says a new shipping lock in Joliet (JO’-lee-et) Illinois is needed to stop Asian carp from making their way from the Mississippi River system to the Great Lakes.

   Snyder says it’s taking too long to get the project started.

Governor Snyder traveled to the Lake Michigan resort town of South Haven to make the announcement. He’s trying to create a coalition of US states and Canadian provinces to push the US Army Corps of Engineers to start the project. He says Wisconsin, Ohio, and Ontario are already on board. 


Former Governor John Engler will serve as interim president of his troubled alma mater, Michigan State University.

   The MSU Board of Trustees is expected to officially vote on the appointment at a meeting tomorrow morning.

Engler will take the job as Michigan State faces multiple investigations into what went wrong at MSU to allow former sports doctor Larry Nassar to abuse female athletes for two decades.

   State Representative Kim LaSata is co-chairing a House investigation, which is seeking documents from MSU.

A new campaign wants to put a voters’ bill of rights into the state constitution.

Backers plan to launch a petition drive to place the question on the November ballot.

   The amendment would allow early voting. It would let people vote absentee without having to give a reason. And it would guarantee the right to vote for one party with a single mark on the ballot.

   Judy Karendjeff  is with the League of Women Voters. She says many of these have been proposed in the Legislature, but never enacted under Republican majorities.

Michigan State University will face an outside investigation into how it handled complaints that disgraced sports doctor Larry Nasser abused girls and women.

   It will include an inquiry into who was told about Nassar and when.

MSU President Lou Anna Simon and the university Board of Trustees went into a closed-door meeting. That’s following a growing chorus of calls for Simon to resign or be fired.

   Simon and the board asked state Attorney General Bill Schuette to open an investigation.


Republican and Democratic leaders in the state Legislature are all calling for the removal of Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon.

   Lawmakers say they’ve lost confidence in her leadership because of the handling of the Larry Nassar scandal.

Support for Simon in the Legislature collapsed as, Nassar, the former MSU sports doctor faces sentencing for abusing athletes. For many hours this week in open court, women directed emotional statements to the man who abused them as children, and toward MSU officials who they say ignored the problem.