Business Leaders for Michigan survey optomistic about Tax Reform impact on state's economy

Mar 5, 2018

Business Leaders for Michigan, a business roundtable of the state’s executives and university leaders, has released its latest quarterly forecast predicting the enactment of the federal tax reform bill will be benefit to Michigan’s economy. WGVU takes a look at the numbers.

A Business Leaders for Michigan survey indicates companies will increase their capital investment with 52-percent of respondents expecting their companies will do just that.

When it comes to job creation 61-percent are confident employment in the state will continue to rise. Doug Rothwell is BLM President & CEO he said, “Optimism about the future had plateaued before tax reform passed. This legislation is viewed as a major improvement to America’s business climate that will also help Michigan.”

That optimism is clear with 80-percent of state business leaders surveyed having a positive view of the U.S. economy over the next six months. Over that same period 74-percent have faith Michigan’s economic growth will continue to improve.

What Rothwell finds unique about this survey is that all respondents, that’s 100-percent, have indicated same, better or higher economic outcomes. No one envisioning economic weakness.

Patrick Center, WGVU News.