Conversation with United States Representative Justin Amash

Sep 1, 2017

Prior to hosting a town hall Thursday evening at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, I sat down with Representative Justin Amash and asked him these questions: 

Do you support President Donald Trump's corporate tax cut plan? 

Rep. Amash: “Corporate taxes should be cut, individual taxes should be cut, our current tax code has a lot of corporate welfare in it, where some companies get a lot of benefits, and other companies don’t, so we should try to level the playing field and keep taxes low for as many people as possible.”

Does or can trickle down economics work in 2017? 

Rep. Amash: “Well I am not sure what the phrase ‘trickle down economics’ even means. I believe in free market economics, and we should give as many people the opportunity to be successful in this country as possible, and the best way to do that is to get government out of the way.”

Do you support a spending bill that will eliminate almost $1 billion from FEMA? 

Rep. Amash: “There may be some funding that we want to tweak, but we are going to have disaster relief in this country, and that’s going to be a part of life here because we have emergencies. When we have emergencies like this, [it's important] that we have enough funds available and that we are being responsible with our budget at the same time."

How confident do you feel that a government shutdown in September can be avoided?

Rep. Amash: “Not totally confident because we don’t know what to expect with the current administration. We do need to cut spending and we also need to bring down our deficit, and address our long term debt.”

Congress is back in session next Tuesday.