Democrats say Grand Rapids Veterans Home charges “inadequate”

Jul 27, 2017

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

Democratic lawmakers in Lansing say the Attorney General is doing too little, too late.

   That was the fallout after the Attorney General announced criminal charges against workers at the state-run Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Attorney General Bill Schuette’s investigation of the veteran’s home started in May of 20-16. This was after a scathing audit of the home revealed that workers falsified records, skipped room checks, and other issues.

But Representatives Winnie Brinks and Tim Greimel say they sounded the alarm as early as 20-13.

Brinks says, after all this time, charging eleven workers isn’t enough.

“Simply finding some front-line care workers, filing charges against them, is inadequate for the scope of the abuse and neglect that was reported.”

   Brinks says she also wants to see an end to privatization of care in state-run facilities. She says that’s a root cause for the problems.