Governor candidate Colbeck loses Senate committee spots

Oct 11, 2017

Sen. Patrick Colbeck, (R-Canton)

A conservative state senator running for Michigan governor says he's been removed from legislative committee and subcommittee positions in retaliation for not notifying a top Republican he'd be attending an event in his district.

Patrick Colbeck said Wednesday he received notice of being stripped of the committee assignments Tuesday. He calls Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof's move the kind of "swamp politics" that people are angry about.

Colbeck says Meekhof is upset that Colbeck didn't tell him of his intention to attend a Right to Life dinner in Holland, inside Meekhof's Senate seat. It's customary for senators to inform their colleagues of visits, though Colbeck says he was there as a statewide candidate.

A spokeswoman says Meekhof acted due to "multiple concerns" - not the "limited" explanation offered by Colbeck.