Grand Rapids Public Library launches campaign for millage support

Sep 13, 2017

Voters in Grand Rapids this November will be asked to consider extending a millage that provides funding to the Grand Rapids Public Library. The 20- year millage is essentially an extension of a current millage that expires next year. Tuesday morning, Library officials launched a new campaign to encourage voters to vote yes. 

“We need your vote, because we need to make sure that we have a sustainable library for our next generation,” Marla Ehlers, assistant director for the Grand Rapids Public Library said.

While the expiring millage funded library renovations over the past 20 years, Public Library communications director Kristen Krueger-Corrado says the new millage will cover increasing operating costs.

“The library is currently operating with the same amount of money that we did in 2006,” Krueger-Corrado said. “We need to renew this millage so that in can generate about $1.75 million a year for library operations.”

In addition Ehlers said the millage would cover building maintenance, increase digital resources and go toward preschool and kindergarten reading programs.