Kent County's 'Project Fresh' provides local produce at no cost

Jun 8, 2017

The Kent County Health Department is offering clients who use their WIC (wick) program $25 worth of free fresh fruits and vegetables from area farmers markets as part of “Project Fresh.”

“Project Fresh is our farmers market program for WIC participants," Abby Bishop, the WIC program supervior for the Kent County Health Department said. "They are eligible for a $25 coupon booklet that they can use at the local farmers markets to purchase fresh Michigan grown produce." 

WIC stands for Women, infants and children, and those who are enrolled in the WIC program have the opportunity to receive $25 worth of fresh produce courtesy of local farmers markets at no cost. Bishop says the program not only helps those in need, but also helps the local economy.

“The benefits of Project Fresh are really kind of two fold," Bishop said. "We are benefitting our families in Kent County, our WIC families, you know by getting fresh produce into the home and on the table, then also its benefitting the farmers here in Kent County as well, the money is going back to the local farmers here in Kent County in Michigan.”

Before receiving the $25 voucher, WIC participants must attend a 20 minute class first, which will provide nutritional tips and recipes. The program runs from June-October 31st.