Lansing Democrats submit plan to stop prescription drug price increases

Aug 21, 2017


Democrats at the State Capitol want to stop major prescription drug price increases. The plan is in response to years of double-digit increases in drug prices.

Garrett Clinard is lives in Lansing. He has a disease that causes calcium crystals to collect in his joints. Clinard can’t afford his medication because the price has gone up by almost 2-hundred dollars a month over the last ten years.


“It’s priced me out of the market and I can’t get that treatment and those drugs. And that’s just a really bad deal.”

   Bill sponsors say their plan will help people from getting gouged on medication they need. The bills would create a board to oversee drug prices. If a drug manufacturer increases the price of a drug more than 10 percent in one year, it would have to justify the increase. Otherwise, the maker would face hefty fines.