Larsen says she would have no trouble ruling against Trump

Sep 6, 2017

Michigan Justice Joan Larsen

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen faced members of the US Senate today  as she seeks a promotion to the federal bench.

   Larsen said she’s beholden to the rule of law and not the president who nominated her.

President Trump named Larsen to the Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals, which ranks just below the US Supreme Court.

   Larsen was on Trump’s list of prospective Supreme Court nominees when he ran for president. But Larsen says she doesn’t know how she got on that list, and did not make any promises on how she’d deal with cases.

   “I would have no trouble ruling against the president who appointed me, or any   successor president, as well.”

   Larsen says lower court judges have to apply Supreme Court decisions to their rulings. And that includes the Roe versus Wade decision in abortion cases.