Legislators ordered to turn over communications in Tesla case

Jun 16, 2017

Credit cnet.com

Two state lawmakers are reviewing their options after a judge ordered them to turn over e-mails and other communications related to a law that effectively barred Tesla from selling electric cars in Michigan.

The lawmakers tried to claim a privacy privilege that protected their communications with a lobbyist for the Michigan Automobile Dealers Association. Tesla is suing the state over a law that essentially barred the company from selling cars in Michigan using company-owned stores and showrooms. Michigan requires that new vehicles be sold via independent dealerships that are franchised by the manufacturer. Tesla says that’s unconstitutional.

       State Senator Joe Hune and state Representative Jason Sheppard chair the committees that heard the legislation. Their communications would not be made public, but would be reviewed by attorneys on both sides in the case. The lawmakers could appeal the judge’s order.