Mel Trotter Ministries: 21st Annual Thanksgiving Meal

Nov 24, 2017

No one has to dine alone on Thanksgiving, nor do they have worry about being able to afford all the trimmings.  Mel Trotter Ministries is hosting its annual community meal.

“All are welcome. It’s open to anyone who might want to attend. We want everyone to feel that they are loved and have a place to go this Thanksgiving.”

That’s Abbey Sladick, Vice President of Communications at Mel Trotter Ministries.

She says all are welcome at their 21st annual Thanksgiving Community Meal.

“This is a longstanding tradition in our community. So that we can service one to 2 thousand and the key here is that someone who may not have anywhere to go want them to come and feel love of Jesus, and feel community and build relationships

Not everyone who comes is homeless, but we want to make sure that people are not alone this holiday season.”

And they surely won’t be alone with so many expected to attend. Sladick says this really is a community event; She says it takes a lot of help from community members to make it all happen.

“This meal takes a community. This take donors to help with the 20-thousand dollar food bill, volunteers to make sure folks are served and kitchen staff that works 2 days at Mel Trotter.

We’ll be serving 1500 pounds of turkey, and lots and lots of pies cause no Thanksgiving Day meal is complete without pie.”

This event is held once again at the DeVos Place Convention Center.  It starts at 10:30 am and runs until 1:30.  Sladick says they also have a partnership with the Rapid which provides free rides on a limited route. Parking is also free.