MI House adopts new tax break to deal with fed overhaul

Jan 25, 2018

Michigan Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo

The state House today adopted legislation to allow Michigan taxpayers to continue to claim the personal income tax exemption.

   The bill is supposed to make sure Michiganders don’t pay more as a result of the new federal tax law.

   Republicans and Democrats voted for the bill.

   Republicans want a bigger tax cut. Democrats were glad to get on board with a plan that would distribute a break equally to every taxpayer.

   But Democratic state Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo said people shouldn’t forget it was the federal tax overhaul that made this necessary.

“Oh, we do a lot of covering up around here – covering up the misguided and ill-informed tax bill handed down by Republicans in Congress.” 

   And Governor Rick Snyder is not on board. He says plans before the Legislature go too far and could be budget-busters.