MI House Dems want to promise community college for all

Feb 26, 2018

Michigan House Democratic Leader Sam Singh
Credit twitter.com

Tuition-free community college for all is one of the priorities rolled out today (Mon.) by state House Democrats.

   The Democrats’ plans create several friction points with Republicans.

And Republicans control the House. That means the Democrats’ ideas are not likely to get hearings. But the agenda also serves as an election year platform.

   House Democratic Leader Sam Singh used the rollout to take aim at Republican leadership during the Governor Rick Snyder years in Lansing.

“We wanted to make sure that our government, the state of Michigan, focuses on the right priorities, and we have not seen that over the past seven years of mis-management.”

   Democrats would pay for their community college plan, as well as more money for roads and apprenticeships by shifting from a flat-rate state income tax to a graduated income tax. That’s another area where Democrats and Republicans disagree.