More legislators calling for MSU leadership change over Nassar scandal

Jan 18, 2018

Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon

Republican and Democratic leaders in the state Legislature are all calling for the removal of Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon.

   Lawmakers say they’ve lost confidence in her leadership because of the handling of the Larry Nassar scandal.

Support for Simon in the Legislature collapsed as, Nassar, the former MSU sports doctor faces sentencing for abusing athletes. For many hours this week in open court, women directed emotional statements to the man who abused them as children, and toward MSU officials who they say ignored the problem.

   State Senator Margaret O’Brien says it’s time for a change of leadership at MSU.

“I think it shows that this is a bigger problem than anyone thought, and it’s time for a leadership change at MSU. I think -- My patience is gone.”

   O’Brien says MSU seems more concerned about protecting its legal position in lawsuots than the victims of Nassar’s abuse. Simon sent a letter last week to legislators asking for patience while the legal process plays out.