Nassar survivors take major step toward settlement with MSU

16 hours ago

More than 300 victims of sexual assault are one step closer to a multi-million dollar settlement with Michigan State University.

   The lawsuit is over the school’s handling of former M-S-U sports doctor Larry Nassar. He’s the man who sexually assaulted his patients for decades.

The proposed settlement still has to go through some formalities – but members of the university’s Board of Trustees and survivors have voiced support.

The survivors would share 425 million dollars. An additional 75 (m) million would be put in a trust for future victims of Nassar who could come forward.

   Morgan McCaul is a Nassar survivor and part of the lawsuit.

“I think it’s, I think it’s the best for everyone where it is right now.”

   Survivors had originally called for a part of the settlement to include actions by Michigan State University to help make sure something like this couldn’t happen again. McCaul says she hopes the school works on those issues even without it being a part of the settlement.