Representative Bill Huizenga hosts Grand Haven town hall

Mar 7, 2017

Michigan Representative Bill Huizenga hosted his second town hall of the year Monday night in Grand Haven to a largely contentious crowd, many of whom shouted at Huizenga over his support for President Donald Trump. As part of Huizenga’s “Listening Tour,” the Republican congressman fielded questions from over 1000 people at Lakeshore Middle School. 

While Huizenga represents Michigan’s 2nd District, regarded as one of the, if not most conservative districts in the state, most people in attendance seemed to disagree with Representative Huizenga’s support of President Donald Trump’s agenda, including the de-funding of the Environmental Protection Agency, the repealing of Obama Care, and immigration reform.

At the town hall, Huizenga addressed the breaking news, that President Trump on Monday had issued a new immigration ban order after courts blocked his original version a month ago. Huizenga said at the town hall  he felt the original order wasn’t executed properly.

“Horrible rollout. Terrible rollout, this is the way that it should have been done,” Huizenga said. 

Brian Patrick the communications director for Representative Huizenga told WGVU that regardless of their differences of opinion, everyone in the 2nd District deserves to have their voices heard. 

"If you have a question for your Congressman, he is available that he is listening," Patrick said. "That is part of our function--to make sure that residents of the 2nd District have an outlet to have their voices heard,” he said. 

Patrick added that Huizenga is committed to continuing to host town halls in the future.