SNN: Grads with Grit - Ivy Hackney

May 29, 2018

Ivy Hackney, East Grand Rapids High School
Credit School News Network

High school seniors are donning caps and gowns and making the annual march across the stage to gather diplomas and academic accolades. But for some, the journey to graduation was filled with difficulties. School News Network has their stories in a series called “Grads with Grit”

Ivy Hackney doesn’t let obstacles stand in her way – and the East Grand Rapids grad faced more than her share. Before coming to the district, Ivy and her brothers lived in 16 different homes and attended half a dozen schools. They were homeless three times, crashing with friends or relatives. She grew up thinking alcohol and drug abuse were typical.

One stable force in her life was always school. Her brother and grandpa made sure she did her homework. When the courts got involved, Ivy spent time in foster care then moved in with an aunt in East Grand Rapids. She challenged herself with honors and AP courses, thriving in math. She joined the softball team and got a job at Yesterdog. Just last year she started feeling happy and in control of her life. This fall, she’ll get a fresh start at Oakland University. For more Grads with Grit, go to school news network dot org.

Joy Walczak reporting.