Snyder asked to ban local ordinances on job interviews

Mar 8, 2018


The Legislature has sent a bill to Governor Rick Snyder that forbids local governments from adopting ordinances dealing with questions employers may ask in job interviews.

It’s an effort to preempt local rules that bar asking about salary histories and criminal backgrounds.

There are no such local regulations in Michigan, but they have been adopted in other states.

Democratic state Representative Jeremy Moss was a “no” vote. He says these decisions belong with local elected officials.

“This is just another Lansing solution in search of a problem, and it merits no support.”

The bills were adopted on largely party-line votes in the House and the Senate. The Legislature has already outlawed local regulations on guns, drones, junk food taxes, and plastic bags.

Other bills before the Legislature would outlaw zoning regulations on short-rental properties, and prevent local governments from offering broadband service.