Snyder vetoes Medicaid funding overhaul

Oct 27, 2016


Governor Rick Snyder took his veto pen to a plan adopted by the Legislature to change how the state raises money for the Medicaid program.

He was concerned the federal government would reject it. That would have put many millions of dollars in federal money for Medicaid at risk.

Business groups, in particular, have been frustrated with the current tax on health insurance claims. They say it drives up the cost of employee health coverage.

Ari Adler is the governor’s communications director. He says Snyder shares those concerns. “So this is certainly not done. The governor wants to continue to work with the Legislature and see what we can come up with that will work better.”

The two bills vetoed by the governor were adopted with bipartisan majorities in the Legislature.

Adler says the issue will be a high priority in 2017.

I’m Rick Pluta at the state Capitol