Special elections restrictions sail through legislature

Mar 6, 2017

Lawmakers in Lansing are trying to put new restrictions on who can run in special elections.

Lawmakers say they are trying to learn from past mistakes. After the forced resignation and expulsion of Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat for a sex scandal, they ran in the special election for their old seats. 

A bill headed for the House floor would prevent a lawmaker who resigns from their seat or is expelled from running in the special election for the seat they vacated.

Critics of the legislation say it takes away voter choice.

But Republican Aaron Miller says the legislation makes sense.

Michigan House Rep. Aaron Miller.
Credit Michigan House Republicans

“If we’re expelling a member, which is a high hurdle enough, I think saying that that’s effective for that session is again very reasonable and very logical.”

Lawmakers would still be allowed to run for office in future elections, just not the special election to fill out the remainder of their term.