Study: Grand Rapids 206th most ethnicly diverse in nation

Feb 27, 2018

According to a recent study by Wallet Hub, the city of Grand Rapids ranked 206 out of 500 when it comes to ethnic diversity. 

“So just looking at Grand Rapids, about 72% of the city was born in the state of Michigan," Wallet Hub researcher Jill Gonzalez said. "That’s higher than usual. Usually we see that number from 50-60% of that in-state of residents’ birthplace. When we’re looking at those born in a foreign nation it’s a little bit higher than the state average at about 10%.”

Gonzalez added they parsed three categories according to census data across 501 of the largest US Cities.

“One was ethnicity and race. Two, was language, and three was birthplace," she said. 

So, what’s the impact of ethnic diversity on a city?

“Well typically, the more culturally diverse a city is, the more beneficial it is for state and local governments, and for the economy," Gonzalez said. "It means that it’s a faster-growing city, more business opportunities, more jobs." 

Meanshile, Ann Arbor ranks highest among Michigan cities, 168 out of the 501, and Livonia ranks lowest in Michigan placing 469th. The most diverse city nationwide is Jersey City, New Jersey, and the least diverse is Parkesburg West Virginia.