Sweeping criminal justice changes one vote away from governor’s desk

Mar 8, 2017

Michigan Senator John Proos
Credit senatorjohnproos.com

Michigan is on its way toward sweeping changes in its criminal justice system. The State House passed a large package of legislation today.

The overhaul is meant to reduce recidivism and crime by providing more support programs and incentives. The bill package covers issues like reporting on recidivism rates, prisoner reentry services and probation reduction.

Senator John Proo is a bill sponsor. He says this legislation is good for taxpayers.

“And an ancillary benefit and one that can’t be underestimated is the taxpayer dollars that are saved as we reduce the prison population and decrease the supervised population also.”

Proos says he expects the legislation to quickly head back to the Senate for a final vote before getting to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk.