The most recent Supply Management Research survey indicates the West Michigan’s economy is experiencing slower growth.

“This month we had a sharper drop in auto sales than we’ve had in any of the previous months this year.” That’s Brian G. Long, director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University.

He explains July marked the sixth straight month auto sales have been down year over year. “That means that we are reaching that level of saturation that we all knew we were going to meet eventually.”


Gerald R. Ford International Airport is on pace to set a passenger record in 2017.

The end of 2017’s second quarter is in the books, and the folks keeping track of passenger activity at Gerald R. Ford International airport are taking notice of a record setting year.

It began back in March with the single busiest month in airport history. Then, last month, it checked in as the busiest June on record with the number of passengers up nearly 5.6 percent year-over-year. And that helped to cap off the busiest second quarter and first half ever recorded at GFIA.


West Michigan’s economy continued its steady growth into June. WGVU breaks down the data points highlighted in the most recent Supply Management Research survey.

What continues to be the strength of the Supply Management Research survey is the regions low unemployment.


Ford, General Motors and Hyundai say U.S. sales drops last month, apparently dragging the industry to its sixth straight month of declining numbers as auto sales slow from last year's record pace.

Ford says its sales declined 5.1 percent, while GM was off 4.7 percent. Korean automaker Hyundai says its sales dropped 19.2 percent.

Analysts are predicting an overall June drop of more than 2 percent when all the numbers come in today, even though Toyota, Nissan and Honda each report small sales gains.


West Michigan’s economy remains strong after two months of double-digit growth. But there are signs the Trump rally may be slowing. WGVU breaks down the latest Supply Management Research survey.

“We are at a two year high right now.” In particular, the Supply Management Research index for employment and new orders. “But we can’t expect that to continue. We have some industries in our area, namely automotive and office furniture that are at or near their two year highs themselves. As a result, we look forward to some slackening as far as the industry is concerned.”


Past and present public policies have a major impact on the disparities in child well-being in Michigan. That’s according to a report released Tuesday by the Michigan League for Public Policy.

According to the report, race, income and community are some of the biggest indicators of the wellbeing of Michigan children.

“We need to be thinking about policy reforms to institutions and systems that have created and continue to allow these inequities to continue,” said Kids Count in Michigan Project Director at the Michigan League for Public Policy, Alicia Guevara Warren.


West Michigan’s economy returned to double-digit growth in February and that trend continued into March. WGVU breaks down the latest Supply Management Research survey.

Patrick Center

The football season officially ended Sunday with the Super Bowl. The start to the baseball season is right around the corner. Fifth-Third Ballpark is home to the West Michigan Whitecaps and exotic food. The team recently held its annual Food Cutting competition where vendors and their chefs serve up some creative concoctions in hopes of winning a place on this year’s menu.

“How extreme can we go to get people to take a look at something and dare to try it.”

Outlandish combinations whetting the appetite and pushing the boundaries of healthy eating.


The west Michigan economy slowed during the month of December. You can chalk it up as a holiday slowdown. As we enter January and the new year, what is the outlook among purchasing managers surveyed each month for the Supply Management Research Report?

“The Stock Market is in record territory right now.” Brian G. Long is director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University. “This means that business confidence has improved and our local number for business confidence are as good as they’ve been all year long.”

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