Nov 1, 2016

We talk culture with guests from Cultured.GR.  Marjorie Steele and Hollly Bechiri join us to talk about this new online resource.

Arts in Motion

Arts in Motion presents art classes of all kinds for people with all types of abilities and disabilities. We talk about the annual fundraiser on November 5, “A Chair Affair.”

All About Holland

Oct 17, 2016
Holland Area Arts Council

Guests join us to talk about the arts in Holland we’re joined by Lorma Freestone from the Holland Area Arts Council and Christopher Shires from the Holland Museum. / Fall Arts Celebration

The GVSU Fall Arts Celebration continues with the GVSU and SeoulTech Art and Design Faculty Exhibition Thursday. Henry Mathews shares the information with us this morning.

All About Holland

Sep 19, 2016
Holland Area Arts Council

All About Holland, with guests in studio sharing their happenings. We talk to the Art Council's Lorma Freestone plus Jazz Vibraphonist Jim Cooper in the house.

State Art agencies from around the country are converging in Grand Rapids to explore the dynamic connections among art, education and community vibrancy. We’re joined by John Bracey, Executive Director, State of Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. / Fall Arts Celebration

GVSU's Fall Arts Celebration 2016 kicks off Monday with music, Emerging Romanticism. We discuss the line up with Dr. Danny Phipps.

Arts Council of White Lake

North Shore Arts Corridor, putting the spotlight on all things up north with conversations today about the Arts Council of White Lake and a Centennial Celebration.

Jillian Dickson

Aug 24, 2016
Saugatuck Center for the Arts

Saugatuck Center for the Arts presents an art exhibition with artist Jillian Dickson presenting two bodies of work delving into the conversation on feminism. We talk about “Underwar" and "Beneath My Skin" with Jillian.

West Michigan Symphony

Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment puts the spotlight every month on those displaying their talents in the Muskegon area. Today, West Michigan Symphony's Carla Hill, Musician Alexander Xonjic and Gail Brechting with the West Michigan Concert Wind join us to share their happenings.