Belmont drinking water

Consumer Advocate Erin Brockovich has joined a legal team including the Miller Law Firm that has filed a class action lawsuit against Wolverine World Wide, 3M Corporation and Waste Management.

The lawsuit seeks immediate blood testing, monitoring and damage for people who have been harmed by water contamination after waste dumped by Wolverine Worldwide containing toxic per and poly floral alkyl substances contaminated a number of wells in the Rockford and Belmont area.

A group of Michigan lawmakers is asking the Environmental Protection Agency to do more to investigate nearly 30 toxic chemical contamination around the state. Eight Republicans and six Democrats signed a letter to the EPA on Tuesday asking the agency to help with the state's response to perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl water pollution.

Rockford Public Schools

As contaminated water continues to be a growing concern in Rockford, public health officials hosted a town hall style meeting Wednesday evening at the Freshman Center for Rockford Schools. Many in the crowd were nervous residents who came to hear the latest results from public health officials in regards to toxic chemicals that may have made its way into their drinking water.

A panel of experts included representatives from the Department of Environmental Quality, the Michigan Department of of Health and Human Services as well as Wolverine Worldwide.

Wolverine tannery neighbors threaten suit to force cleanup

Oct 16, 2017

Residents who live near an old leather tannery waste dump in Belmont are threatening to sue Wolverine World Wide to force it to clean up the site. Attorneys for 40 residents near the long-forgotten dump sent Wolverine a notice of intent to sue on Friday.

Michigan and Kent County Health officials held a town hall Tuesday evening to address public concerns after contaminants were discovered in Plainfield Township drinking water. Joining the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, officials from the Kent County Health Department as well as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services answered questions from the public, many of  whom demanded answers from officials about what they may know.