Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Let’s talk health.  For the 6th consecutive year, Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Michigan is addressing health disparities in Grand Rapids.  Community based activities and important conversations have been taking place all week in an effort to address concerns.  It’s their annual, “Let’s Talk Health Week.”

“We know the disparities. The disparities when it comes to hypertension and cardiac issues or heart disease in men, especially men of color, women of color, cancers.”

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We discuss how the new U.S. Department of Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, separates family business interests from her federal government function. Also, Blue Cross Blue Shield is proposing lower rates for small businesses.

Let’s talk health.  Sounds simple, but experts say that’s not always the case.  So, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is hosting its 5th consecutive 'Let’s Talk Health Week'

The goal is to open the conversation about health and especially address the disparities that exist in Grand Rapids. 

“The disparities that exist in terms of healthcare, in communities of color, especially in the black community and the Hispanic community, they’re pretty alarming.”

Cle Jackson is the senior community liason for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is working with schools across the state participating in its Building Healthy Communities program. It says "The program provides students, teachers and administrators with tools and resources to get kids active and help them make healthier food choices." Reinforcing that message to Wyoming's Vista Charter Academy students is Detroit Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford.