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In an effort to address the affordable housing crisis, the Grand Rapids City Commission on Tuesday approved four recommendations made by the Grand Rapids Housing Advisory Committee. Titled “Housing NOW!” the  package contains 11 policy proposals. Over two years in the making, the proposals were born out of recommendations made by the Housing Advisory Committee. City Commissioner Jon O'Connor is the Housing Advisory Committee. He says he hopes it sends a message. 

Grand Rapids residents will have a chance to weigh in on the Affordable Housing Crisis, as a public hearing is set for Tuesday evening at City Hall.

In the first regular session meeting of the New Year, The Grand Rapids City Commission will listen to feedback from the public on four strategies aimed at addressing affordable housing.

Michigan residents split over controversial fountain

Nov 21, 2017

Officials in southwest Michigan are considering how to handle a controversial fountain that some say celebrates white supremacy. The Fountain of the Pioneers in Kalamazoo features a European settler with a weapon in his hand towering over a Native American. Some residents say the piece is racist, while others argue that it's a work of art that can teach people about history.

Kalamazoo City Commission saw a presentation from city staff Monday about the Bronson Park fountain's history.

Grand Rapids City Commissioner Senita Lenear celebrated with campaign volunteers Tuesday night on the city’s south side with pizza and cake, after learning voters had re-elected her for another term in the city’s 3rd ward.

“I am extremely thankful and grateful that the 3rd ward decided to allow me the opportunity to serve as their commissioner for another four years,” Lenear said. “I will not disappoint. I will continue to work hard for them. And I will continue to make sure that all aspects of the 3rd ward and our needs are met at city hall,” she said.

Election Day: Here's what you need to know

Nov 7, 2017

Voters in West Michigan are heading to the polls today to cast their ballots on a number of proposals and elections. 

In the City of Grand Rapids, Commissioner Senita Lenear is hoping voters re-elect her in the city’s 3rd Ward. Originally elected to the city commission in 2014, Lenear faces challenger Kent Boersema, a political science and criminal justice graduate of Grand Valley State University.

3 questions with the Candidate: Alan Greene

Oct 27, 2017

This November, voters in Muskegon will head to the polls and choose between four candidates running for two City Commission at Large seats. In anticipation of the election, this week, WGVU is profiling each candidate. 

Alan Green attended Grand Rapids Community College and is 61 years of age. A lifelong Muskegon resident, Green is seeking public office for the first time this election, and WGVU asked him three questions.

A historic preservation commission says the city of Kalamazoo should keep a park display that some say celebrates the forced removal of Native Americans. The  city's Historic Preservation Commission on Wednesday agreed to encourage the city to continue its $2.8 million plan to restore the 76-year-old "Fountain of the Pioneers" and improve Bronson Park.

3 questions with the Candidate: Dan Sybenga

Oct 26, 2017

This November, voters in Muskegon will head to the polls and choose between four candidates running for two City Commission at Large seats. This week, WGVU is profiling each candidate in anticipation of the election.

Dan Sybenga is the Dean of Academic Affairs at Muskegon Community College. Originally elected to the city commission 4 years ago, Sybenga is seeking re-election as City Commissioner at Large in Muskegon.

WGVU asked Sybenga three questions.

3 Questions with the Candidate: Senita Lenear

Oct 19, 2017

Grand Rapids voters will head to the polls this November as two candidates are running for City Commission in the city’s 3rd Ward. In anticipation of the election, this week WGVU is highlighting those two candidates.

Senita Lenear was first elected to the City Commission in 2014. Prior to the city commission, Lenear served for 6 years on the Grand Rapids Board of Education.

Having lived in the city’s 3rd Ward for over 30 years, she is currently seeking re-election as Commissioner of the city’s 3rd Ward, and WGVU asked Lenear 3 questions.

Arboriculture Society of Michigan /

Grand Rapids is moving forward with plans to remove and prune 3,000 trees near city streets that present potential hazards. The City Commission approved plans Tuesday for city crews to work alongside contracted tree services to handle trees considered to be high risk. The cost of the project could reach $2.4 million.