BBB Western Michigan

The Better Business Bureau of Grand Rapids recently helped a Grand Rapids woman caught up in what they’re calling a “sweepstakes heartbreak”.   The BBB is encouraging West Michigan residents to help protect vulnerable adults.  They say some bank accounts are being drained over a sweepstakes scam.

“This was really a unique situation, I had never come across it before.  But it was really heartbreaking, because this lady, didn’t understand until it was too late and she’d been duped out of all this money.”

2 reach plea deals in death of woman outside nursing home

Oct 12, 2017

Two women charged in the death of an 85-year-old woman who was found in cold weather outside an assisted living center in western Michigan have reached plea deals in the case. Denise Filcek on Wednesday entered a plea to a charge of intentionally placing false information on a chart involving medical records. Authorities say she was responsible for making bed checks. She told the judge, however, she didn't check on everyone. 

A West Michigan senior care community is kicking off a fundraising campaign to provide more living space for its residents. Resthaven Care Community is asking the public’s help in raising $5 million over the next three years as the number of seniors is growing at a considerable rate. According to a 2014 United States Census Bureau report, the population of people over the age of 65 will double in number to nearly 80 million by 2050.