Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is hosting its Community Day of Remembrance where more than 1,000 West Michigan Boy Scouts are saluting the flag from sun up to sundown paying their respects to all who died 16 years ago during the 9-11 terror attacks. “

Second row attention. Right hand salute.”

“How many times have you saluted?” I ask a young Boy Scout. “Probably around 20?”

“First row, too. Left face. Forward march.”

“7:18 this morning…”

“All rows advance.”

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Tomorrow at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia the USS Gerald R. Ford will be commissioned. The first of the new super class carrier is a $13 billion marvel that will officially be placed on active duty Saturday.

In Grand Rapids, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is hosting commissioning ceremony events.

“Well, it’s not every day that someone has an aircraft carrier named after them.”

That’s Joel Westphal, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and Library Deputy Director.

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The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is celebrating the commissioning of the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier. 

The event is scheduled for Saturday, July 22nd @ 9:30 AM.

WGVU talks with Joel Westphal, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum Deputy Director.

It was 1791 when the first ten amendments of the Constitution were ratified into law by the United States thus establishing the Bill of Rights. 225 years later at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, a new exhibit from the National Archives is on display celebrating that landmark document. The exhibit, titled “Amending America: The Bill of Rights” features facsimile documents, and reproduction artifacts. Museum public affairs specialist Kristen Mooney says, the exhibit is close to an exact copy of the real thing. 

Grand Rapids Inauguration Day "watch party" reactions

Jan 20, 2017
Wikimedia Commons / Joint Congressional Inauguration Committee

As President Donald Trump took the oath of office and was officially sworn in, watch parties across Grand Rapids took place to witness the ushering in of a new presidency. WGVU spoke with a number of people about their immediate reaction to President Trump's inauguration speech.

"We will make America great again!"

As President Donald Trump finished his inaugural speech, a large crowd at kent County GOP headquarters cheered on the new president, and most felt that the speech delivered a unifying message after months of division.

Presidential museum unveils smaller version of Ford statue

Jan 12, 2017

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in  is displaying its own version of a statue that will be aboard the aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford when it deploys.  The 7-foot tall statue of Lieutenant Commander Ford was unveiled last year and the smaller version, known as a maquette, has been added to the Grand Rapids museum's recently redone World War II exhibit.

President Gerald R. Ford's family gathered in downtown Grand Rapids at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum yesterday to commemorate the 38th President death. President Ford passed away the day after Christmas 10 years ago. 

"It's hard to think how time files, it was such a heartfelt moment when the funeral and things were happening in Grand Rapids," said Joseph S. Calvaruso, the executive director of the Ford Foundation. "It does just seem like yesterday."

Calvaruso said he remembers how Grand Rapids responded at the time. 

Donald Trump
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Before his scheduled campaign rally in southeast Michigan, GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump made a last minute stop in Grand Rapids. He visited Kent County GOP headquarters with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and then headed to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. / Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation

Sunday is the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy, with the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum continuing its Community Day of Remembrance led by the Boy Scouts. The Museum Foundation's Joe Calvaruso joins us to share the details.  

Grand Rapids is hosting an exhibit commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.