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A Grand Rapids-based information technology firm is investing millions and creating more than 100 jobs.

Tech Defenders primary business is repairing and extending the life span of classroom mobile devices provided to students by school districts. In a news release its more clearly defines the larger operation as “providing lifecycle solutions for large scale technology deployments.”

Peregrine falcon leg banding
GVSU University Communications

The peregrine falcon continues its Michigan comeback. This week wildlife biologists from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources banded a pair of chicks nesting in downtown Grand Rapids.

Overlooking the Grand River atop Grand Valley State University’s Eberhard Center is a rooftop nesting box. Inside are two peregrine falcon chicks, their parents circling overhead.

D.B. Cooper rendering
Wikimedia Commons

D.B. Cooper is the American criminal mind known for skyjacking a jetliner and getting away with it. His fate after parachuting from a Boeing 727 and his true identity have remained one of the great unsolved mysteries.

But during a recent news conference held at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, his best friend and author of a new book claims to reveal the Michigan man’s identity and confessions.

Roger B. Chaffee
Wikimedia Commons

A statue of Grand Rapids native and Apollo Astronaut Roger B. Chaffee will be unveiled Saturday, May 19th in downtown Grand Rapids.

Roger B. Chaffee was a Grand Rapids Central High School graduate and pilot of NASA’s Apollo 1 mission.

Newsreel audio: “Apollo astronauts Roger Chaffee, Edward White and Gus Grissom lose their lives in a tragic flash fire aboard their grounded space capsule. The tragedy occurred during a simulated countdown for the first flight of the Apollo program whose goal is to put a man on the moon by 1970.”

A rendering of the famous "LOVE" sculpture is showing some love to Grand Rapids.

The western Michigan city plans to welcome a reproduction of the Robert Indiana sculpture Wednesday morning on Louis Campau Promenade in its downtown district. It will be unveiled by members of the Frey family representing the Frey Foundation.

The Grand Rapids-based philanthropy bought the sculpture and has invested in other public art in the city.

According to a recent study by Wallet Hub, the city of Grand Rapids ranked 206 out of 500 when it comes to ethnic diversity. 

“So just looking at Grand Rapids, about 72% of the city was born in the state of Michigan," Wallet Hub researcher Jill Gonzalez said. "That’s higher than usual. Usually we see that number from 50-60% of that in-state of residents’ birthplace. When we’re looking at those born in a foreign nation it’s a little bit higher than the state average at about 10%.”

Patrick Center / 546

The National Weather Service says portions of downtown Grand Rapids, Comstock Park and North Park are under the gun as flood waters continue to rise across West Michigan.

It was five years ago when the region experienced what was defined as a 100 year flood. WGVU headed down to the Grand River where forecasters expect this week’s flooding to be nearly as severe as it was in 2013.

Rivers and streams across West Michigan are rising. The snowmelt and three to four inches of rain over a 48 hour period triggered flood warnings across the WGVU listening area.

Courtesy office of Mayor Bliss

During her 3rd State of the City Address last week Grand Rapids mayor Rosalynn Bliss turned her attention to public safety. In the aftermath of what she called “critical incidents involving youth” and the profiling minority motorists, the mayor is seeking solutions for improving relations between the Grand Rapids Police Department and the diverse communities it serves.

"We must be a community of trust, safety, fairness, respect and security for all.”

Grand Rapids is the best city in the country to live a balanced lifestyle. That’s according to a study just released by, a personal finance website.

Grand Rapids Medical Mile will receive some parking relief come the year 2021. What is currently a pair of surface parking lots owned by Grand Valley State University and Spectrum Health System will be transformed into a six-level parking decking with room for more than 1,200 parking spaces.

The parking deck at 333 Michigan Street is a part of GVSU’s $70 million construction next to Grand Valley's Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences. The new building will house health professions and nursing programs.