Grand Rapids Police Department

In an effort to increase transparency and improve community and police relations, the Grand Rapids Police Department has begun an e-newsletter and video blog featuring Chief David Rahinsky. The new video blog went live Wednesday morning on the city’s official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages. The video blog comes at a time when the police department is actively trying to increase its transparency and repair its relationship with the community. 

GRPD buys body cameras for off duty police

Jun 22, 2017

Police officers in Grand Rapids who are part of a Special Response Team will soon have a second body camera to carry with them when they're off-duty. The city commission of Grand Rapids has agreed to spend over 15,000 to purchase roughly 20 additional cameras for the Special Response Team. The team often responds to emergencies when off-duty. Buying more cameras would allow the response team to respond directly to incidents instead of having to first go to the police station to retrieve a camera.

The city of Grand Rapids is hoping to improve its relationship between the community and the Grand Rapids Police Department. Starting this week, city officials are hosting a number of “Community Listening Sessions.”

“The message to residents is really, ‘they are experts of their experience,'" Stacy Stout, assistant to the City Manager of Grand Rapids said. Stout is on the leadership team for the City's listening sessions. "We value their voice, and the city is committed to a deeper type of community engagement than what they may have experienced previously,” she said.

police crime scene tape
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A prosecutor has determined that Grand Rapids police were justified in the death of an 18-year-old man who was involved in a shootout with officers. Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker also released police in-car camera and officer body camera footage Tuesday of the May 3 confrontation with Malik Carey. Becker says Carey fired four shots before officer's returned fire. No officers were wounded. Becker said Tuesday that up until the shooting started "there was no indication there was going to be trouble." 

Grand Rapids Police Department body camera
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Michigan lawmakers are looking to create guidelines for body camera footage obtained by law enforcement officers. The state House passed a bill Tuesday that would require police departments to have written policies on using body cameras and maintaining and handling recordings. It would prohibit certain footage from being obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. 

A new memorial honoring police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice was unveiled Thursday evening in Grand Rapids, as the police department joined other members of the West Michigan law enforcement community Thursday evening for the Police Memorial Day Service. 

Grand Rapids police officer Rebecca Whitman says putting your life on the line is a part of putting on the uniform.


A fatal accident on Grand Rapids southeast side have police searching for the driver of the vehicle who fled on foot. Juan Carlos Buenida-Villalpando, 28, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police report the driver was traveling at high speeds when the vehicle hit a median, sending the SUV airborne and into a utility pole. There are no reports of whether the driver may have been intoxicated. 

Police warn public of credit card skimmers

May 10, 2017

Grand Rapids police are warning the public Wednesday of credit card skimmers after the discovery of a skimmer at a local gas station. A skimmer is a device affixed to the mouth of an ATM or credit card scanner that secretly steals credit and debit card information when bank customers swipe their cards into the machine. 

A worker with the Michigan Department of Weights and Measures discovered the skimmer Tuesday at a Mobile One Gas Station on the city's southwest side and alerted authorities.

Parents of youths detained by GRPD 'pray for change'

May 10, 2017

A number of people gathered outside Grand Rapids city hall before the City Commissioners meeting Tuesday evening to ‘pray for change' in response to five African-American youths who were ordered to the ground by Grand Rapids Police officers at gunpoint. Police had mistakenly identified one of the children as a suspect with a gun before releasing the boys without charges.  

A prosecutor says a Grand Rapids police officer was justified in shooting and wounding a man in March who was identified as a suspect in an earlier stabbing. Police say 20-year-old Victor Gonzalez was shot in the stomach March 11. The shooting happened in Grand Rapids, however, the Ingham County prosecutor's office examined the circumstances of the shooting and released its conclusion on Tuesday.