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An exhibit opening soon at a museum in western Michigan explores the science behind watersheds and the importance of keeping them healthy. "Water's Extreme Journey " opens Feb. 3 at the Grand Rapids Public Museum . It's designed so that visitors can understand what it's like to be a drop of water entering a watershed. They'll see how water travels through rivers, lakes and wetlands - and even homes.

A new exhibit exploring how mental health treatment has changed since the late 18th century is going on display at the Grand Rapids Public Museum .

"The Life of the Mind" opens Saturday and runs through Jan. 7. The exhibit explores the evolution of mental health care based on an increase in knowledge of how the brain works and on society's changing perspectives about mental illnesses.

Grand Rapids Public Museum hosts eclipse watch party

Aug 21, 2017

As the United States experienced its first coast to coast solar eclipse in nearly a century, the Grand Rapids Public Museum and Grand Valley State University’s Physics Department hosted an official eclipse party at the Museum to take in the once in a lifetime event. The last time a solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast in the United States came on June 8th, 1918. 

Dr. Bradley Ambrose teaches Physics Education at Grand Valley State University.

Wikimedia Commons

Here in West Michigan, if the clouds cooperate, we will experience an 85-percent solar eclipse. When you turn your eyes to the skies this afternoon what will you experience? The man in charge of the Grand Rapids Public Museum’s Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium tells us you must protect your eyes by wearing eclipse glasses. Once those are in place, kick back and enjoy the show.

“There’s a prediction that this will be the most widely observed eclipse in history.”

Wikimedia Commons

Coming this Monday, August 21st North America's eyes will turn to the skies taking in the solar eclipse. Here in West Michigan, if the weather cooperates, you'll witness an 85 percent solar eclipse. For more on when and how best to view it we turn to Dave DeBruyn, Curator Emeritus at the Grand Rapids Public Museum's Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium who also considers himself a coronafile.


One of the few remaining Mighty Wurlitzer theater organs calls the Grand Rapids Public Museum home. Each year, the museum hosts concerts attracting the nation’s top theater organ performers playing to sellout crowds. 

Patrick Center goes backstage for a behind the scenes look at the theater organ circuit.

CIty of Grand Rapids, Guitar

The City of Grand of Grand Rapids is hosting a ribbon cutting for the Pearl Street improvements today. This afternoon, downtown,  city and MDOT officials will celebrate new roadways, streetscapes and an interpretive sign about the Pearl Street Bridge’s history. 

“You only get one chance to make a first impression, so this is going to be really, really important and we’re thrilled with the improvements that have been made to the road.”

GRPS Happenings

Sep 27, 2016

We put the spotlight monthly on the GRPS each month.  Dr. Christopher Hanks and Maggie Malone join us for today’s conversation about the Grand Rapids Public Museum School and the SmartArt competition.

GRPM Maker Faire

Aug 17, 2016 / Grand Rapids Public Musuem

The Grand Rapids Public Museum hosts the Maker Faire this weekend, gathering all ages to learn and teach about new ideas and collaborations. Guests join us this morning to tell us more.

A new exhibit celebrating the Olympics and western Michigan athletes is going on display.

The exhibit titled "An Olympic View" opens Saturday at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

It allows visitors to learn more about this summer's host city of Rio de Janeiro as well as the history of ancient Greece.

Artifacts include jewelry and Brazilian coins.

In the modern era, the museum says a dozen athletes from Grand Rapids have competed in the Olympics.

"An Olympic View" also lets visitors explore the locations of the modern Olympics.