The Grand Rapids Fire Department wants to let community residents know that the smoke detectors installed by the department are “not” part of a nationwide recall.

“The smoke detectors we have installed through our program, are not affected by the recall from kidde.”

That’s Grand Rapids Fire Department Lt., William Smith.  He says the fire department wants to assure residents that the one’s the department installed are safe and ok to keep. But residents should be vigilant and double check the smoke detectors they have in their home.

The Grand Rapids Fire Department is warning residents to beware of a telemarketing scam that uses their name.  Officials with the department say don’t be fooled by telemarketers trying to get money over the phone.

“This isn’t uncommon. This happens from time to time, but as soon as we hear about it, we want to let citizenry know, that these are not operations that we’re involved in and most likely is some sort of criminal activity that’s going on.”

That’s Lieutenant William Smith, the Public Information Officer with the Grand Rapids Fire Department.