Grand Rapids Public Museum hosts eclipse watch party

Aug 21, 2017

As the United States experienced its first coast to coast solar eclipse in nearly a century, the Grand Rapids Public Museum and Grand Valley State University’s Physics Department hosted an official eclipse party at the Museum to take in the once in a lifetime event. The last time a solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast in the United States came on June 8th, 1918. 

Dr. Bradley Ambrose teaches Physics Education at Grand Valley State University.

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A Grand Valley State University group has developed an app for a local entrepreneur.  It allows children to “earn” screen time on their electronic devices. 

“The students get an incredible learning experience, because they’re really learning what to do for a real client.  It helps prepare our students for the real world and I think that’s a real a benefit for the students and the community.”

Detroit Tigers host GVSU Night at Comerica Park

Jul 26, 2017

Grand Valley State University President Thomas Haas along with the vice chair of the GVSU Board of Trustees will kick off GVSU Night at Comerica Park tonight in Detroit. At least 3 bus loads will make their way from the Allendale and Grand Rapids’ campuses.

“It’s our first event to be participating in at Comerica Park, so we’re extremely excited about it," Courtney Geurink, director of Alumni Relations at GVSU said.


Guests join us from the Kirkoff College of Nursing to share information about a unique teaching partnership between KCON and Grand Rapids Housing Commission.

Mark Sanchez
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We talk about a manufacturing slowdown and forecast the West Michigan economy for the remainder of 2017. Also, an analysis of drug costs and GVSU's new Design Thinking Academy.

About 45 high school students from throughout West Michigan will spend a week at Grand Valley State University.  They’ll be immersed in the world of entrepreneurship and will learn about creating a start-up company.  The Teen Entrepreneur Summer Academy is in its 11th year and this year they’ve even got evidence of the camp’s success.

“We had a lot of success with the program and see impact it’s having on their education, careers and that’s why we keep trying to grow it and allow more kids to participate.”

Grand Valley State University has launched an $85 million fundraising campaign. It's reported the "Laker Effect" campaign will provide increased support for students and allow university programs and facilities to stay current. The initiative will address three primary areas: opportunity, achievement and relevance. 

The university's President Thomas J. Haas says the Michigan school's strategic plan "inspires and compels us to ensure our students are enabled and successful, and our programs are relevant for their future and the future of our region and our state."

The National Student Advertising Competition is right around the corner, and GVSU is involved. We talk about it with Robin Spring, Addison Wittry and Elizabeth Konen.

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Endangered Peregrine Falcons have established a breeding nest at the GVSU’s Eberhard Center Downtown.  It’s the first time since a nesting box was installed on the building eight years ago.  One of the professors keeping an eye on the falcons  says they hope to use the nest as an educational resource.

“It’s pretty exciting for us, because we can use this as a teaching tool, because they’re charismatic birds, because they’re birds of prey and because they’ve had a history in which their population has declined, but rebounded.”

Barbara Kellerman

GVSU's Wheelhouse talks conclude for 2017 and speaker Barbara Kellerman joins us this morning to discuss, “Contextual Leadership for an Uncertain Future.”