Roger B. Chaffee, an astronaut and Grand Rapids native, is being honored in an upcoming event, titled, “Roger That.”  Chaffee died during testing on Apollo One in 1967.  Grand Valley State University and the Grand Rapids Public Museum are hosting a two day symposium.

The  two day symposium entitled, “Roger That”, will be held in February in honor of Grand Rapids native, Roger B. Chaffee.  Organizers say the date is tied to Chaffee’s birthday and of course, his death on Apollo One in 1967.


Dr. Tricia Thomas, Assistant Dean for Practice of the Kirkhof College of Nursing, joins us to talk about the importance of nurse managed centers and more.


Guests join us from GVSU'S Seidman College of Business  to discuss the topic of Young Thinkers.

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Election Day is tomorrow… and to help students get to the polls, Grand Valley State University is providing transportation to the local polling location. GVSU has received high marks in its efforts to educate and encourage students about registration and voting.  It was recently designated as a Voter Friendly Campus by “Campus Vote Project”. 

Since August, more than three-thousand students at Grand Valley State University have become registered to vote.  For student body president, Ella Fritzemeier, it’s an exciting time.

Phantom Boy

Oct 26, 2016

GRCC and GVSU are staging a festival of French films. One such film, Phantom Boy. We speak with the Director Alain Gagnol with translator Professor Dan Golembeski.

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GVSU's Fall Arts Celebration continues this week with the presentation of poetry. Chair of the writing department, Dr. Patricia Clark, shares the details and information on the poets for tomorrow night's Celebration of poetry.

GVSU Opera Theatre

Oct 3, 2016

GVSU's Opera Theatre presents Gianni Schicchi, opening this weekend, a comic opera sung in English. We get the specifics from Dale Schriemer.

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies at GVSU
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Guests from GVSU's Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies join in monthly. Today Andrew Schlewitz, Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies, joins us to talk about the upcoming conference Human Rights in the Atlantic World and Beyond.

The formal kick-off for Artprize is tonight, which includes the WGVU Nerd Walk and the GVSU Marching Band.  WGVU's George Davis and GVSU's Stacey Tvedten join us to tell us more.

gvsu.edu / Fall Arts Celebration

The GVSU Fall Arts Celebration continues with the GVSU and SeoulTech Art and Design Faculty Exhibition Thursday. Henry Mathews shares the information with us this morning.