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GVSU's Fall Arts Celebration continues this week with the presentation of poetry. Chair of the writing department, Dr. Patricia Clark, shares the details and information on the poets for tomorrow night's Celebration of poetry.

GVSU Opera Theatre

Oct 3, 2016

GVSU's Opera Theatre presents Gianni Schicchi, opening this weekend, a comic opera sung in English. We get the specifics from Dale Schriemer.

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies at GVSU
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Guests from GVSU's Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies join in monthly. Today Andrew Schlewitz, Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies, joins us to talk about the upcoming conference Human Rights in the Atlantic World and Beyond.

The formal kick-off for Artprize is tonight, which includes the WGVU Nerd Walk and the GVSU Marching Band.  WGVU's George Davis and GVSU's Stacey Tvedten join us to tell us more.

gvsu.edu / Fall Arts Celebration

The GVSU Fall Arts Celebration continues with the GVSU and SeoulTech Art and Design Faculty Exhibition Thursday. Henry Mathews shares the information with us this morning.

The GVSU Shakespeare Festival presents Measure for Measure. Director Roger Ellis and Actor Jacob Molli join us to talk about it.

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Monthly we put the spotlight on GVSU's College of Community and Public Service.  Dr. Patty Janes is our guest today, discussing Michigan Care for Tourism.   

gvsu.edu / Fall Arts Celebration

GVSU's Fall Arts Celebration 2016 kicks off Monday with music, Emerging Romanticism. We discuss the line up with Dr. Danny Phipps.

Can we find common ground between Israel and Palestine?  That’s a question that’s been asked for centuries as the two nations engage in what’s been called one of the most divisive political conflicts in the world. 

It’s rooted in the question of who owns that land in the Middle East.  That question will be discussed this week at an event sponsored by GVSU’s Kaufman Interfaith Institute. 

“The Israel-Palestine issue is one of the most controversial issues in international politics right now.”

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 A lack of access to nearby stores selling fresh food may increase residents’ risk of having the early signs of heart disease.  That’s according to a new study from Grand Valley State University’s Public Health department. 

“There’s been a large body of research out there that indicates that limited fresh food choices in poor neighborhoods have been linked to unhealthy diets, so residents in these neighborhoods have a greater likelihood of atherosclerosis.”