Healthy Headlines

Apr 24, 2017
Kent County, MI

Healthy Headlines, a monthly conversation with guests from the Kent County Health Department. Today we discuss the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey. We speak with Chelsey Sarri and Rachel Jantz.

All About Women

Apr 20, 2017

All About Women, a monthly spotlight on women's health. Today, Dr. Robyn Hubbard joins us to discuss Opiod Drug Use in Young Adults.

Monthly guests from GVSU's College of Health Professions present local information, today's topic, the Grand Valley Power Mobility Project with principal investigators joining in.

National Public Health Week

This is National Public Health Week, and GVSU has local involvement. We talk to Kent County Health Department’s Brian Hertl and GVSU student Samantha Radecki about the activities.

Healthy Headlines

Mar 27, 2017
Kent County, MI

Healthy Headlines with guests from Kent County Health Department joining us each month. Steve Kelso is our guest today.

Magda Brown

As a child, Magda Brown was sent to Poland’s Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Separated from her family, she would later escape. As a part of Women’s History Month, Grand Valley State University invited the 89-year old to tell her story. As a Holocaust survivor, she has a mission in life. “You know, genocide doesn’t happen from one minute to the next. It builds gradually.”

A Hungarian Jew, Magda Brown will never forget her 17th birthday in 1944. It was the day when she and her family were herded into a boxcar headed for the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

All About Women

Mar 16, 2017

All About Women with Dr. Robyn Hubbard. Today's conversation is focused on a Zika Virus update.

Monthly we put the topic of health on the forefront, guests in studio on behalf of GVSU's CHP and KCHP. Today, Professor Evelyn Clingerman talks about the upcoming lecture, Scarred for Life:  Healing Through Art.

Healthy Headlines

Feb 27, 2017
Kent County, MI

Healthy Headlines with guests from the Kent County Health Department. Today Program Supervisor Jill Myer discusses National Nutrition Month and how the KCHD is involved.

Dr. Robert Shaffer

Feb 22, 2017

Local pediatric psychiatrist Dr. Robert Shaffer joins us this morning to discuss diet and fitness and his life with diabetes.