Can we find common ground between Israel and Palestine?  That’s a question that’s been asked for centuries as the two nations engage in what’s been called one of the most divisive political conflicts in the world. 

It’s rooted in the question of who owns that land in the Middle East.  That question will be discussed this week at an event sponsored by GVSU’s Kaufman Interfaith Institute. 

“The Israel-Palestine issue is one of the most controversial issues in international politics right now.”

Len Robinson

Mar 21, 2016

Our guest on Common Threads today is Len Robinson. Len is the President of the board of directors at Temple Emanuel in Grand Rapids.  Len just recently returned from a trip to Israel and joins us to talk about his experiences there and more.

Tom Burke /

West Michigan supporters for Palestinian-American activist Rasmea Odeh are celebrating what they call a partial victory after a federal appeals court ruling last week.  

The ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that a lower court judge must reconsider his decision to block testimony by an expert in post-traumatic stress disorder in the case of Rasmea Odeh.

“We were in the midst of planning a protest in case her appeal didn’t’ go through. But this morning we found out that there was a positive decision and a partial victory for her.”