Local First

Fork Fest

Oct 10, 2017

We discuss Local First’s Fork Fest.   Guests from Local First, Brewery Vivant, Romence Gardens and Restaurant Partners join us.

Guests from Local First join us to discuss an upcoming workshop, One World Diversity. We speak to Todd Lewis, Sammy Publes and Shelly Urbane.

We follow up with guests from Local First to hear more about the June 3 street party. We talk to Mieke Stouob and Musician JRob. Topics include Incentivizing active transportation and zero waste.

Local First invites you to the annual Street Party on June 3. Celebration! Cinema's Emily Loeks and Local First's Elissa Hillary join us to share the details about this annual event.

Local First

Mar 14, 2017
Local First

Guests from Local First join us.  Today Hanna Schultze discusses the Good for Grand Rapids campaign and the Mayor's book of the year.

Grand Rapids Mayor kicks off Local First campaign

Jan 24, 2017

Mayor Rosalynn Bliss and the City of Grand Rapids joined Local First and the West Michigan B Corp community Tuesday afternoon to launch “Good for Grand Rapids,” a campaign that brings together a growing number of West Michigan companies as a force for good.

“Local first is an incredible organization in our community, and they are absolutely essential to supporting small locally own businesses,” Mayor Bliss told WGVU.

Local First, an organization that is dedicated to promoting local businesses in Grand Rapids and West Michigan announced on Wednesday that they received a $200,000 grant from the Wege Foundation to build awareness and help support their “Good for Grand Rapids” Campaign.

“We are ecstatic to find out that the Wege Foundation was willing to support our efforts," executive director of Local First Elissa Hillary said. "We are thrilled, absolutely thrilled by it, and the funds will go towards the creation of a campaign we are hoping to launch in 2017."

Local First

Guests from Local First join us to talk about a discussion tonight with author Anthony Flaccavento. Anthony Flaccavento joins us as well. 

Local First

Sep 13, 2016
Local First

We talk about Local First happenings every month and today we talk about the Lakeshore Fork Fest with Kim and Paul from Coppercraft. Elisa Hillary from Local First also joins us.

Local First

Apr 12, 2016
Local First

Guests join us from Local First to discuss myGRcitypoints. We speak with Kate Avery and Anthony Puzzuoli.