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The Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority has a new President and CEO. James “Jim” Gill is landing in West Michigan after years of on the Allegheny County Airport Authority in Pittsburgh.

WGVU’s spoke with Gill about challenges and opportunities at Ford International.

Program Manager Hour: Deb

Jan 1, 2017

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La La Land leads holiday movies opening in west Michigan

Dec 23, 2016

In the final movie talk on Mid Day, WGVU looks at La La Land, Jackie, Lion, Assassin's Creed, Sing and Why Him? with Ron Van Timmeran from Celebration Cinema.

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This year Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed a 15 member Council on Genocide and Holocaust Education. Its mission is to educate Michigan school children about world atrocities and provide resources for training teachers.

WGVU Public Media General Manager Michael Walenta is serving on the council. We talk with him about the impact genocide and Holocaust education can have on children in the classroom.

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Chicago musician Lucy Smith explores both sacred and secular music with her jazz quartet. On their new CD, Singing Christmas, they celebrate the holiday.

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One year after the United States banned microbeads, the small plastic particles you might see in a face scrub, scientists are now turning their attention to microfibers, hairlike plastics in our clothing. Both types of plastic have been cluttering up oceans, rivers, and lakes. But clothing and personal care products aren’t the biggest sources of microplastics.  Scientists are having a hard time finding out what these microplastics are and where they come from.  

Microfibers new waterways pollution concern

Dec 6, 2016
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If you’re one of those people who stopped using microbeads because you care about the environment, we have some bad news. Microbeads are those tiny plastic bits in your toothpaste and facewash. They pollute oceans, rivers, and lakes. But scientists say there’s a new microplastic to blame - and it’s lurking in your laundry hamper. Plastics in our clothes are sending billions of microfibers into our waterways - making fish and other aquatic life sick. But we probably won’t see a ban on synthetic clothing any time soon.  

Incarnate, a horror thriller opens in west Michigan theaters today, along with the Christmas drama Believe, plus four indie movies.  WGVU talks with Celebration Cinema's Ron Van Timmeran and Eric Kuiper.


The holiday season is in full-swing with shoppers flocking for deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but today a reprieve, a day to reflect on the meaning of the season. This is Giving Tuesday, and in the City of Grand Rapids a new Giving Tuesday concept has been launched.

Movie Talk

Nov 23, 2016
film reels
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Ron Van Timmeren from Celebration! Cinema stops by previewing the Disney adventure, "Moana", dramas "Rules Don't Apply" and "Loving", Brad Pitt in "Allied", and Billy Bob Thornton is back in "Bad Santa 2."