3 Questions with the Candidate: Steve Gawron

Oct 12, 2017

This November, voters in the City of Muskegon will head to the polls to consider two candidates running for the office of Mayor. Running for re-election is Mayor Steve Gawron. 

Prior to being elected as Mayor, Gawron served 16 years on the city council.  WGVU asked Mayor Gawron three questions.

3 questions with the Candidate: Will Springstead

Oct 12, 2017

This November, voters in the City of Muskegon will head to the polls to consider two candidates running for the office of Mayor. Challenging the current Mayor for his office is Will Springstead. 

Springstead is a Muskegon native and Army Veteran who is heavily involved in his neighborhood association. WGVU’s asked him 3 questions. 

Click on the link above to hear the interview.

Watch Muskegon

Oct 6, 2017

Watch Muskegon Go, a monthly conversation with guests from the the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber. Today we speak to Muskegon Area Intermediate School District Superintendent Dr. John Severson.

Police: Man leaves baby at Michigan business, steals crane

Sep 26, 2017

Police say a man left a baby at a business in western Michigan before stealing a small self-propelled crane from another business nearby. Muskegon police say the 32-year-old Fruitland Township man took the construction crane early Monday, reportedly knocking down power lines and driving through a fence.

Officials from The US Army Corps of Engineers concluded a series of meetings with the public this week, discussing the Core’s long awaited plan to keep the invasive Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes. The meetings concluded Monday in Joliet, Illinois, while a meeting in Muskegon was held last Thursday. Mark Conrish, a Supervisory Biologist at the Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island District, said that the public’s input is essential before making any further decisions. 

Zephyr website

In the 30 plus years that the Zephyr Oil Refinery was in business, tens of thousands of gallons of oil spilled from the refinery and soaked into the Muskegon wetlands that surround it. While the company officially closed its doors years ago, the logistical burden of cleaning up the mess continues today, and that responsibility falls on the Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Last night in Muskegon, officials from the EPA and DEQ announced they will begin site planning for the cleanup starting in the fall. 

As heavy rains continue to flood Texas and Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a Muskegon based kayak company is helping with rescue efforts. Based in Muskegon, KL Outdoor is the largest manufacturer of kayaks in the world, and on Tuesday, 2000 kayaks were being put on trucks headed for Texas and Louisiana to assist in flooding relief and rescue efforts of so many caught in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

Edward S Curtis

The Muskegon Museum of Art continues its presentation of the exhibition Edward S Curtis: North American Indian through September 10. The Morning Show roving microphone was on site.  

KL Outdoor, the world's largest manufacturer of kayaks, announced Friday it will be relocating its world headquarters to downtown Muskegon, and officials from the 'Watch Muskegon' campaign say the move will have a long lasting effect on the community. While the kayak and paddle board company already has a manufacturing plant in the area, officials say the decision to move its corporate offices downtown is another sign that the city of Muskegon is booming. 

Coming to Light

Aug 24, 2017

The Muskegon Museum of Art continues its presentation of Edward S Curtis, The North American Indian. Our discussion today spotlights tonight's screening of the film, Coming to Light. We speak with Writer/Producer/Director Anne Makepeace and the Museum's Judy Hayner.